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Sukesh Chandrashekhar’s new letter to CM Kejriwal, initiates legal action against AAP leader

New Delhi, April 2, 2024
Alleged conman Sukesh Chandrashekhar, currently lodged in Delhi’s Mandoli Jail, has issued a three-page statement addressed to Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal.

He has disputed claims made by AAP spokesperson Priyanka Kakkar and accused the Delhi government, specifically Minister Kailash Gehlot and the incarcerated Satyendar Jain, of mismanagement and corruption related to jail administration.

“Dear Kejriwal Ji, two days ago when I read the news about your foolish spokesperson Smt. Priyanka Kakkar giving defamatory terms and statements against me. I was wondering where do you find such cartoons who openly prove they have no knowledge of anything around them and only read out the scripts given,” he said.

The statement includes specific allegations of extortion, and improper conduct within jail premises, and accuses high-ranking officials of being involved in or responsible for such activities.

It challenges the administration’s narrative and claims about the management of jails like Tihar, Rohini, and Mandoli, saying that these facilities fall under the jurisdiction of the Delhi government, contrary to what might have been suggested or perceived by the public.

Further, it mentions legal actions initiated by him against Priyanka Kakkar for her statements, warning of more to come.

“Priyanka ji, I hope you have received my legal notice, but that’s only the start, a lot more, legally is heading your way,” the statement reads.

Chandrashekhar also mentions the alleged evidence that he possesses, including WhatsApp chats and other recordings, which he claims will expose the corruption and pressure tactics used by Gehlot and Jain.

“Be it as it may, Priyanka ji, for starters, the jail protection money of Rs. 10 Crore and Rs. 50 Crore that was extorted and paid by me was to Satyender Jain in the capacity of then Jail Minister and on his instructions to Mr. Sandeep Goel then DG Prison,” Chandrashekhar has said.

The statement calls for accountability and transparency from the Delhi government, criticising its handling of the jails and alleged misuse of power by its officials.

“So Priyanka ji, today time and again all of you keep shouting I am the notorious conman, but please ask your Kejriwal ji and Jain saab why they were happily using my services and mainly my money since 2015, Have some shame, you can’t fool the People of India and mainly Delhi Anymore, All know who is the Real the OG Conman Mr. Arvind Kejriwal,” he has said.

The alleged conman also insists on revealing more details and evidence to support his claims in the future.

Priyanka Kakkar had recently said, “The vindictive and vendetta-filled politics of BJP has now reached a new low that a notorious conman’s word is believed and accepted as the gospel truth against a person who gave the world Delhi’s famous Mohalla Clinic concept.”(Agency)




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