Sonia Gandhi attacks PM-CARES Fund

New Delhi, May 4, 2020-

After announcing that the Congress will bear the cost of the returning migrants, party interim chief Sonia Gandhi issued a video statement highlighting the plight of the migrants and attacked the PM-CARES fund.

Gandhi said “I hoped that thousands of crores which came in the name of charity will be used for nation builders and they will be provided free travel but I am pained this has not been done.”

She said farmers are givers of foodgrain so the labourers are nation builders who she called “shramik” brothers and sisters.

The Congress leader said that the nation is feeling the pain when they saw people walking towards their homes on foot without food.

She slammed the railways for special charges on the tickets.

Gandhi in her early morning statement on Monday has said that the Central government barely gave a four-hour notice for the lockdown, so workers and migrant labourers were denied the opportunity to return to their homes.

She said, post the Partition in 1947, this is the first time India witnessed a tragedy with such a massive human cost as thousands of migrant workers and labourers were forced to walk home several hundred kilometres on foot – without food, without medicines, without money, without transportation, without anything except for the desire to return to their families and loved ones.  (Agency)

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