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Sikhs condemn & boycott GOPIO and Milan Cultural Association Inc. on comparing Guru Nanak Dev with Mahatma Gandhi

Hartford, CT, Nov 24, 2019 (Yes Punjab News)

GOPIO (Global Organization of People of Indian Origin) An organization based in Stamford, Connecticut along with Milan Cultural Association Inc. from Glastonbury, Connecticut held a event in Holiday Inn Hotel of Norwich, CT on Nov 15th 2019 at 6:30pm where they celebrated 150 year anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi and 550 year anniversary of Guru Nanak together at same time.

Event was secretly planned and invites were solely membership based. Not even single Connecticut Sikh Institution or local Norwich Sikh Community was informed or invited because Indian Consulate General Sandeep Chakraworty was scheduled to come as chief guest who called Sikhs terrorist and blamed Sikhs for their own Genocide in his letter to Connecticut Legislators.

Milan Cultural Inc. even used references in their invitation to compare ideology of Guru Nanak with Mahatma Gandhi which Sikh Community finds it very disturbing.

Some of the elected officials of Connecticut dropped out the idea of attending event
After they find out the reality and how this event was planned politically with Indian Consulate who has already shown their Anti-Sikh face to Connecticut Residents.

Sikh Community Members feel that Indian Consulate and Organization called GOPIO and Milan Cultural Association Inc is hurting Sikhs Religious Sentiments again and again.

Local Sikh Community wants Federal Leaders of Connecticut to get involve and take action against Indian Consulate NY and it’s affiliated organizations for hurting a Sikh sentiments.

Hypocrisy of Indian Govt. is now being reveled as on One side Indian Consulate and GOPIO is even against Sikh Flag which is hoisted outside every Gurudwara and emailed Norwich City officials misleading information that lead to removal of Sikh Genocide Memorial on other side trying to celebrate Guru Nanak the Founder of Sikhism.

As we know Mahatma Gandhi in academic world has been recognized as Anti-Black,Racist and Sex offender whereas Founder of Sikh Religion Guru Nanak fought against RACISM and for equal rights for women.

Guru Nanak was totally against caste system and always preached that we are all equal and we should recognize all human race as one.

Due to Indian Diplomats always trying to create disturbance among Sikh community and trying to interfere in Sikh political and religious matters Sikh Coordination Committee East Coast banned Indian diplomats to even visit Gurudwara in their Official capacity and that ban by 96 Gurudwara’s is still enforced.

Local Connecticut Sikh Community members says that they just want to live peacefully and pursue their religious and political aspirations while living in this free country without Indian interference.

Some Sikh leaders says that It is outrageous that Indian Consulate First attacked Legislation in regards to sikhs, then Sikh Flag,then Sikh Memorial and Now even Sikh Gurus.





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