Shiv Sena says clarifications needed before supporting CAB

New Delhi, Dec 11, 2019 –

Former BJP ally Shiv Sena’s members in Rajya Sabha have not yet decided whether to support or oppose the Citizenship Amendment Bill 2019.

Shiv Sena member Sanjay Raut said on Wednesday they have certain reservation regarding the Bill and if they don’t get correct answers they would go against the Bill. “We will decide after deliberations in the Upper House. There are many things on which we are looking for clarification in the Bill,” Raut told IANS.

The government had introduced Citizenship Amendment Bill 2019 in the Upper House. The Bill got cleared in Lok Sabha on Monday.

The Shiv Sena member said: “Can’t we have freedom to express our views outside and inside Parliament. Are people who have come on streets in North East, Assam, in Bengal against the Bill traitors? We have certain reservations. We have few queries. If we don’t get correct answers then we will decide what we have to do. There are many things in the Bill.”

On why his party’s stand in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha is different, Raut said, “It’s okay we supported in Lok Sabha. But our position in Rajya Sabha is different. Now situation is different. Our party views are one. But will not allow vote bank politics to happen.”

He questioned why there are attempts to divide between Hindus and Muslims once again in India. “Can government say why Tamil Hindu refugees in Sri Lanka are kept out from Bill. You have done nothing. You talk about Hindus living in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. The condition of Hindus in Nepal is very worse. The way China and Pakistan have entered into Nepal, that calling oneself Hindu has become a crime,” he expressed.

He stressed that this issue should not be used for political purposes. “It is a matter related to humanity and it should not be limited to religion. We will keep our stand clear,” he said, adding that his party leader Uddhav Thackeray also pointed out that if they don’t get positive response in Rajya Sabha the party’s stand would be different from Lok Sabha.

He also said they don’t need to take preaching on patriotism.  (Agency)

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