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Shaheed Bhagat Singh Sewa Dal providing free Hearse Van & Ambulance Services for COVID patients, bodies

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New Delhi, May 8, 2020 (Yes Punjab News)

Honorable Vice President of India, Sh. Venkaiah Naidu, telephoned the Founder of Delhi based NGO Shaheed Bhagat Singh Sewa Dal (SBS Foundation), Jitender Singh Shunty, today morning and applauded the amount of Social Work being carried during the Corona Virus Covid19 Pandemic, by the Disaster Management Team of the NGO under Mr. Shunty’s supervision, especially applauding the Free Hearse Van and Free Ambulance Services being provided for Corona Infected Dead-Bodies and Patients, respectively.

The wrath of deadly Corona Virus (Covid19) goes on to devastate entire World and even India has seen a severe surge in the Covid19 positive cases over time, while still in Lockdown mode. The terror of the deadly Virus has brought some unseen and heartbreaking visuals and moments, where the bodies of deceased, infected with Covid19, await their dear ones and has no one is coming nearby for their last rites.

In such times, leaving all the fears aside and responding to their moral call of duty, Shaheed Bhagat Singh Sewa Dal (SBS FOUNDATION) under the supervision of its Founder Chairman Jitender Singh Shunty, President Disaster Management Cell and MSc in Disaster Management from London, Mr. Jyotjeet Sabarwal, President Women’s Wing, Manjeet Kaur Shunty and other Volunteers, has been providing Free Ambulance Service to the Corona Patients and Free Hearse Van Service for the Last Rites of the People Deceased from the deadly Corona Virus.

The NGO started this service post receiving an official request from the Government, when District Magistrate, Shahdara, sent a request letter to the NGO to put their Ambulances and Corpse Vans in the service during this Pandemic and to which the NGO sent its readiness immediately, putting all of its 16 Vehicles in the field. Till Date, the NGO and its Volunteers have carried 25 Coronavirus infected Dead-Bodies to their final destination and 200 Patients from their residence to Hospital and vice versa.

Since 21st of March, 2020, The NGO has also been running a Langar Sewa, which started with the Langar Sewa for the Workers, engaged in setting up Delhi’s Largest Quarantine Facility Centre at Mandoli in East Delhi, where the NGO took care of the Food requirements of 350+ Workers deployed in completion of the Isolation Centre. Furthermore, considering grave situations in the country due to the Covid19 Pandemic, the NGO extended its services to People in General and has been providing the service of Home Delivery of Langar to 20000+ people daily and which is continuing.

In addition, the NGO also extended its Free service of Home Delivery of Free Food Kits to the distressed people, who call NGO for the help and till date, the NGO has catered to 5000+ People, with free Ration Kits, and still counting.

Honorable Vice President of India, Sh. Venkaiah Naidu, called up Mr. Shunty today morning over phone and said. “I am very happy to learn about the unique services which you are carrying out during this Pandemic. In a sad time, where even a family is afraid of coming close to the Covid19 infected Dead-Body of their relative, you are doing a great job by giving them the last rites and respect, they deserve.

While people are already showering their blessings over your noble and brave work, I thought to ring you up and applaud you for your philanthropic efforts. I would like to appreciate you and Shaheed Bhagat Singh Sewa Dal. Keep going like this, continue your services and keep the spirit up during these tough times.”

“I feel so honored and proud to receive your call sir. I believe our Prime Minister, Sh. Narender Modi is already doing so much for the country, so whatever little we could contribute, we are on to it Sir. Your phone call really boosted me and our entire team up, manifold, and we shall continue with our services with utmost zeal Sir. Replied the Founder, Mr. Shunty to Hon’ble Vice President of India, over the phone.

“It is so great a gesture from Hon’ble Vice president of India, to call up and commend our NGO’s efforts and boost our morale. It gives us so much power to our Corona Warriors, to fight these tough times. Added Mr. Shunty, in his statement for this Press Release.

Shaheed Bhagat Singh Sewa Dal already runs Free Ambulance and Hearse Van services since 1995, in Delhi. Till date, the NGO has carried app 48,000 dead bodies for cremation & app. 50,000 patients free of any cost in their Ambulances. The NGO has carried out app 18,000 Free of Cost Cremations for Needy and Poor.

It has collected and donated app. 44,000 units of blood, free of any cost. The Founder President of the NGO Mr. Jitender Singh Shunty has even been awarded the Red & White Bravery award and the NGO has also won ‘Bhagidari’ awards for best NGO in Delhi, (Highest honour for an NGO) twice at the hands of Honorable Chief Minister of Delhi.

The Founder, Mr. Shunty has himself voluntarily donated blood for 100+ times, and has registered his name in the World Book of Records, London and also received the Title of Donor Singh by Govt. of NCT of Delhi, which awarded Shunty with Centurion Award as well. The Government of India has also awarded Shunty for his contribution as the Centurion Donor.

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