Seeing imminent defeat in Punjab by-elections Amarinder has ran away from terming polls as ‘Refrendum’: Sukhbir Badal

Chandigarh, October 20, 2019 (Yes Punjab News)

Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) president Sukhbir Singh Badal today thanked chief minister Capt Amarinder Singh profusely for reiterating that he was afraid of terming the election results of four byelections in Punjab as a referendum on his government because he was convinced of an imminent defeat.

Commiserating with the chief minister, the SAD President said “I can understand your sense of frustration. Your hand-picked candidates, including the self -styled junior Captain of Dakha, are facing a complete wipe out. Punjabis have turned their back on you by refusing to come to the three road-shows organized by you.

You know your leadership itself will be in danger once the poll results are out. You have no option but to reply to logic with wild assertions of development when everyone knows that you have not done one development work in the last nearly three years”.

Telling Capt Amarinder not to hide behind bluster, Mr Sukhbir Badal said “I challenge you to name one development work you have done in the last nearly three years. If you had done anything you would have mentioned the same today. Instead of doing this you have fallen back on your trade mark lies and deceit.

This will not help you now. You befooled Punjabis once by taking a false oath in the name of the holy Gutka Sahib and the ‘charan’ of Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji. People will not be deceived again. They will judge you by your performance and reject you soundly at the hustings tomorrow.

Speaking about the issue of development, the SAD President said “everyone knows you are out of touch with reality and have visited Punjab only recently during the poll campaign. You could however take out time, even if on helicopter, and see the development works initiated by the SAD-BJP combine under the leadership of S Parkash Singh Badal.

You will see big landmarks like the Bathinda Refinery, new thermal plants, four new airports and road infrastructure. You will also see Punjab dotted with Sewa Kendras which you have closed down. You will see monumental works like the Virasat-i-Khalsa, Jang-i-Azadi and War Memorial which even you have termed as world class monuments. You will definitely not see one work done by your government”.

Stating that Capt Amarinder was a total failure as a chief minister, Mr Badal said Punjab was going down on all parameters. He said while earlier the State had slipped to the 20th position from being among the top as far as ease of business was concerned as per the World Bank, now it was sliding further and was in the company of Jharkhand as far as the Niti Aayog’s Innovation Index was concerned.

The SAD President said it was unfortunate that even as the people were suffering Capt Amarinder was only interested in trying to befool them to win another election. “Please understand the pain of Punjabis.

More than 1400 farmers have committed suicide because you failed to waive off their loans. More than 500 youth have died following drug overdoses even as Punjab is witnessing a new phenomenon of home delivery of drugs. You have stopped most social welfare benefits.

You are not even providing midday meals to our school children. Your game is up. You can’t befool people any longer. They will reject you at the hustings tomorrow to restart the process of development and ‘bhaicharak sanjh’ under the next SAD-BJP government in Punjab”, Mr Badal added.

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