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Scrapping of Article 370 – Bir Devinder Singh slams SAD, warns Punjab

Chandigarh, August 5, 2019 (Yes Punjab News)

Senior SAD Taksali leader and former Punjab Deputy Speaker Bir Devinder Singh has slammed SAD for supporting the decision to revoke Article 370 and warned people of Punjab that they could also face the same kind of decisions and Punjab could be the next Union Territory.

In a press release issued here, Bir Devinder Singh said, India was watching today the most discernible model of Cooperative federalism of Mr. Narinder Modi. What has happened to the State of Jammu & Kashmir today is the culmination of the sinister designs of RSS and BJP.

“The only Muslim majority State in India loses its special constitutional status today guaranteed under Article 370 of the Indian constitution. Not only this; the full fledged State of Jammu & Kashmir has been reduced to a Union territory which would be governed directly by the Ministry of Home affairs Govt. of India,” he said.

The former deputy speaker said, thanks to the new ugly face of aggressive majoritarianism the ugly development was bound to have far reaching catastrophic implications for times to come. The well calibrated communal agenda of the BJP has come to the play in order to thwart the strength of the minorities in India, he said adding that the collective sensitivity of the religious minorities in India has suffered a rude shock.

“Constitutional guarantees given to the States or communities just cannot be abrogated, reversed or altered in this kind of arbitrary manner unilaterally,” he observed.

Bir Devinder said history was repeating itself. It is the same catastrophic breach of trust that was meted out to the Sikh Community by the Congress leadership after partition, he said.

“Congress leadership betrayed and suppressed all the rightful aspirations of the Sikh Community, soon after India became free despite their solemn commitments given to the Sikh Leadership, he said.

Terming the SAD support to the Union government’s decision as most unfortunate, Bir Devinder Singh said, SAD (Badal) by supporting the scrapping of article 370 of the Indian Constitution has treacherously betrayed the spirit of the entire Sikh struggle by turning their back to the fundamental provisions of the Anandpur Sahib Resolution, which envisage greater autonomy for Punjab.

He warned the people of Punjab that same thing was going to happen with Punjab on the issue of river water sharing and Punjab could be the next union territory in the future scheme of things of the BJP and RSS combine.





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