Sack Capt Amarinder Govt: SAD

Amritsar December 14, 2019 (Yes Punjab News)

The Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) today rededicated itself to the setting up of a “a genuinely secular and federal India based on the principles of peace, communal harmony and equal rights and respect for all citizens, regardless of their religion, caste, creed , language, state or region.

“SAD stands for greater fiscal and political autonomy to all states as strong states mean a strong country,” said a Resolution passed at the Delegates Session Teja Singh Samundari Hall here this afternoon

In another Resolution, the party called for making the election manifestoes of political parties a legally enforceable document, and said offending parties and individuals must be punished for enacting fraud on the people.

The party also demanded that MSP (Minimum Support Price) and procurement of agricultural produce must be made “the fundamental right” of farmers to make both MSP and procurement legally enforceable. “This step will not only save farmers and farm labourers from the ongoing deep crisis but will also provide a new orientation to the Indian economy, making it more self-reliant and internally resilient

The party thanked the Almighty and the people for “their blessing for the past 99 years during which time the party waged long and peaceful, democratic struggles to protect and promote the interests of Punjab and the Panth.”

The Resolution said that the SAD had always delivered what it promised as on making Punjab power surplus, creating an amazing network of four lane or six lane expressways, over-bridges, fly-overs, under bridges or the air connectivity with the international airport and other domestic airports, free power to the farmers and dalit and weaker sections or Shaguns schemes for them or free atta daal schemes or free quality education to the meritorious poor students, , preserving the heritage of the Khalsa and other communities.

The party expressed gratitude to the Almighty and to the Guru Roop Sikh Sangat for the smooth and successful observance of the 550th Parkash Purb of Shri Guru Nanak Dev ji and also for the completetion of Sri Kartarpur Sahib Corridor for which it thanked the Prime Minister Narendrta Modi and the govts of India and Pakistan.

The SAD reiterated Punjab’s inalienable right on its capital Chandigarh and other Punjabi speaking areas which had deliberately been left out of Punjab at the time of the Reorganization in 1966 and demanded their immediate merger in Punjab.

The meeting strongly condemned the Punjab CM Captain Amaridner Singh for deliberately compromising Punjab’s right on Chandigarh by submitting n affidavit forfeiting Punjab’s right on Chandigarh. “Amarinder should withdraw that affidavit and apologise to Punjabis for his act of betrayal.”

The meeting expressed deep concern over the step motherly treatment to the Punjabi language not only in Delhi, HP, Haryana and Rajsthan but also in Chandigarh and even in Punjab under Amaridner “who has discontinued the use of Punjabi in all official communications, a practice started by S Parkash Singh Badal as CM.

The meeting also demanded mother tongue status for Punjabi in Chandigarh as the City is Punjab’s designated capital . Punjabi must be given the second language status in all the adjoining states of Punjab including Haryana, Rajasthan, Himachal Pardesh and Delhi.

The SAD reiterated Punjab’s inalienable and exclusive right over its River Waters which are the “the lifeline of Punjabis in general and the farmers in particular. “Punjab does not have a drop of water to spare for any state. The party will continue peaceful and democratic struggle to protect our right on the waters of our rivers as a Riparian state.

The party demanded the immediate release of all Sikh prisoners languishing in jails for much longer periods than the tenure of their sentence in various jails. It asked the Govt to go beyond the narrow and strictly legalistic view of cases, and adopt a statesmanlike and visionary approach on the issue.

Calling for immediate release of Bhai Balwant Singh Rajoana, the party expressed deep disappointment over the confusion caused over the promised commutation of death penalty against him into life imprisonment, urging the government of India not to “dilute or deviate from” its earlier principled and statesman like gesture. As Bhai Rajoana has already served more than the tenure of life imprisonment, he should be immediately set free, the party demanded.

The lambasted the Congress govt in Punjab for its repressive and discriminatory policies and decisions against the Dalits . “ Dalits do not have even basic security and safety of life and property in Punjab as recent shocking incidents have shown. The govt lacks the will to protect their life and honour.

In addition, severe economic exploitation is inflicted on them. The Post matric scholarships of students have been usurped by the Govt and all the welfares like shagun scheme, pensions etc have either been stopped or their implementation is deliberately tardy. “

In a significant political resolution, the party called for “the immediate dismissal of ‘the mafia Congress regime in Punjab as the state government as it is not functioning in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution of India, The govt has become an outpost and a proxy regime of known gangsters.” with ministers openly threatening officers and officials who refuse to carry out illegal orders, and gangsters virtually running a parallel government from inside the state prisons.

The law and order machinery has totally collapsed, with daylight murders, including political assassinations, becoming the order of the day, and the govt cannot protect life and property of peaceful citizens.

Economy is in a serious mess with the govt unable to generate revenues and prioritise spending on important development, social welfare and other tasks. In fact, it is not able even to pay salaries to govt employees in time. The Cong government has lost its mandate to govern and must be sacked immediately.”

In Another resolution, the SAD described as “an eye witness account” the former Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh’s ‘open admission “ that deployment of the army would have prevented the 1984 massacre of the Sikhs and that it was the then Home Minister in the Rajiv Gandhi government, Narsimha Rao, who refused to deploy the army.

Because of this ‘sensational and confessional disclosures’, it has become necessary that “a comprehensive new probe by a sitting judge of the Supreme Court be ordered to fix “the ultimate responsibility” for the brutal murder of thousands of innocent Sikhs in 1984 and examine and explore the direct culpability of the then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.

The meeting demanded the withdrawal of the Bharat Ratna awarded to Rajiv Gandhi and change the nomenclature of all government schemes or projects named after Rajiv Gandhi Simultaneously, the process of ensuring exemplary punishments to the Congress bigwigs like Jagdish Tytler, Kamal Nath etc must be further expedited and speeded up.

In another Resolution, the SAD called of the setting up of “an autonomous high powered cell in the Government of India to deal with the grave problems and sufferings faced by members of the patriotic Sikh community in different parts of the world.

The SAD came down heavily against the “ corner shop of the Congress party” being set up by using some desperate and cynical elements misusing the sacred name of the Shiromani Akali Dal, the Khalsa Panth as also of the Great Guru Sahiban.

“There is nothing new in the conspiratorial huddle of these Congress agents masquerading as Sikhs and misusing the name of the very Shiromani Akali Dal which they oppose. They are just “Old Congress wine in New Congress bottle,” as the Congress has always been weaving conspiracies to divide and confuse the Sikh masses by setting up such sign board outfits and splinter groups to weaken the parent organization of the Khalsa Panth, the SAD.

The desperate and frustrated elements who are acting as puppets in Congress hands have sold away their conscience and their Sikh pride to become agents of the party which demolished the holy Sri Akal Takhat Sahib, massacred thousands of innocent Sikhs in broad daylight.

These elements who have been repeatedly rejected by the people have now agreed to become the new mouthpiece of the old anti-Sikh conspirators , the Congress, in exchange for petty Govt favours from their Congress bosses.

They humiliated the respected Panthic term “Taksalis” when they shamelessly received honours on Guru Nanak Dev ji’s 550 Parkash Utsav from the Congress stage and from the hands which are soaked in Sikh blood. This is the shameful truth behind their misuse of the name “Taksali”.

They are so devoid of honour and of ideas that although they oppose Shiromani Akali Dal, yet they do not have the courage even to dissociate themselves from this party and its name. The Sikh masses and the Punjabis will teach them the lesson which they have always taught to all such opportunists who betrayed Shiromani Akali Dal in the past.”

In another Resolution, the SAD also called for “recasting our national and state policies to ensure full social and economic justice to the beleaguered sections of society, especially the farmers, the farm labourers, the daily wage earner, the Dalits, the small and medium traders and the employees.

Another Resolution observed that Capt Amarinder Singh has committed the biggest sacrilege against the Great Guru Sahiban and against the sacred Gurbani by going back on all the promises made as “sacred oath” in the name of the sacred “Charan” of Dasmesh Pita Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji Maharaj, invoking the holy Takhat Sri Damdama Sahib.

Then he promised to waive loans, eradicate drugs in 4 weeks , give jobs to every household, raise old age pension from Rs 500 to Rs 2500, Shagun amount from Rs 15000 to Rs 51000, give unemployment allowance of Rs 2500 per month to every unemployed youth and give free sugar and tea in addition to atta daal to the poor families.”The people trusted this “sacred oath” and voted him to power, after which he stabbed them in the back.

The SAD, through another Resolution, declared that the hands of the Punjab CM Captain Singh “ were soaked in the blood of countless farmers and farm labourers who committed suicide in the past three years “out of sheer desperation and frustration over the betrayal of the oath by Captain Singh to completely waive their farm loans. ”

Simultaneously, the SAD also called for major and supportive governmental intervention into high-end agricultural Research and Development (R&D) .