Run for awareness at Chandigarh’s Sukhna Lake organised by GI Rendezvous to commemorate World Stroke Day

Chandigarh, October 20, 2019 (Yes Punjab News)

GI Rendezvous, a group of healthcare professionals who got together to bring about academic and health awareness amongst medicos and general population, organised an event titled ‘Run to know Stroke’ to commemorate World Stroke Day which is earmarked for the 29th of October every year by World Stroke Organisation (WSO).

The message was aptly highlighted by the specialist lead of the event, Dr. Deepak Gupta , stroke neurologist in tricity along with Dr (Prof) Dheeraj Khurana, stroke neurologist at PGI and Dr (Prof) Vivek Gupta, Neuro-interventional Radiologist to an audience of about 200 people with most of them being ‘runners’ at Sukhna Lake.

As detailed by above expert doctors, stroke is a deadly and disabling disease which affects 1 in every 4 people worldwide. Clinically manifest most commonly by symptoms of sudden onset face deviation, arm and/or leg weakness, difficulty in speaking or understanding speech, stroke is a medical emergency and optimal treatment can be given only in the first four and half hours of symptom onset called as golden period or window period. They also pointed out that incidents of stroke are increasing in the younger population. Dr. Deepak Gupta particularly highlighted the prevention aspect of stroke by stressing on regular exercise, adequately controlling blood pressure and blood sugar, abstinence from smoking, consumption of a healthy diet and avoidance of stress.

On the occasion, Mr. K. K. Yadav, Commissioner, Municipal Corporation and Sports Secretary, Chandigarh (UT) said that awareness amongst masses is the right way to achieve the goal of health for all. He also lauded the role of various people and organisations who work towards such productive activities and encouraged the people present to percolate the message further. He also felicitated the distinguished guests and added that it was a great honour to be present at such an event.

The NCC cadets from Government College Sector 11 were there to assist the participants for the event. A ‘Nukkad Natak’ on Brain Stroke was enacted by the team of Dr. Rajesh Thakur Dramatic Club, also of Govt. College, Sector 11.

GI Rendezvous Convener, Dr. Gurbilas P. Singh said that the organisation was overwhelmed to see a large number of their medical colleagues from different streams and from different hospitals of tricity participating in the event with great enthusiasm along with many others. He made special reference of Mr. Deepak Sharma, Mr. Ranvir Singh Rana, Mr. Gurpreet Singh and several others who volunteered and made this awareness event a great success.

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