Regrettable that neither Badals nor Capt Amarinder have contributed for relief measures: Bir Devinder

Chandigarh, April 5, 2020 (Yes Punjab News)

Senior SAD Taksali leader and former Punjab Deputy Speaker Bir Devinder Singh today said that it was regrettable that neither the richest political family of Parkash Singh Badal nor Capt Amarinder Singh has contributed single penny, not even peanuts, to the relief measures in the State during this catastrophic period, out of their personal unaccountable wealth.

In a press release issued here today, Bir Devinder Singh said these affluent families were chiefly expected to contribute generously to the relief fund when the State was suffering from the dreadfulness of Corona Virus. One wonders if their sermons for charity were meant for others only, he said.

“As Punjab and Chandigarh is facing acute scarcity of space to quarantine and isolate the suspect cases of Covid-19 both these families, Badals and the Royals of Patiala, must surrender their enormously surplus accommodations to accommodate the patients for isolation,” Bir Devinder Singh said, adding that Sukhbir Singh Badal must show exemplary magnanimity to surrender his Oberoi-Sukhvilas for this noble cause so that the same could be converted into a super-specialty Hospital to treat the Covid-19 cases.

The Taksali Akali Dal leader said, “Similarly Capt. Amarinder Singh should also surrender his newly built ‘luxurious Saragarhi Palace’ in Parol village, a stone’s throw away from Sukhbir’s ‘Sukh Vilas’ to be converted in to a ‘Neighborhood Hospital’ for the same purpose.”

He also pointed out that it was also quite disparaging that none among the huge army of political appointees in the Chief Minister’s office has offered anything whatsoever.

The former deputy speaker said,another very dynamic protagonist of ‘Nanhi Chhaan’ endeavor, Mrs. Harsimrat Kaur Badal Union Minister, one of the richest MPs of India has also not shown any generosity of spirit, to contribute something for relief works out of her own pocket or from the huge stockpile of gold jewelry she possesses.

Bir Devinder Singh specifically said that Parkash Badal was the highest earning pensioner in Punjab today, besides his share in the vast properties, movable and immovable; even he has deliberately chosen to feign ignorance and preferred to look the other way around from the human miseries.

The entire State of Punjab and its people are watching impatiently the hopeless behavior of these two top families of Punjab; ironically they want everything from the people but are not willing to shell anything back to the public.

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