Ravinder Ranguwal’s debut song ‘Asin Sardar Haan’ to be released on October 11

Ludhiana, October 10, 2019 (Yes Punjab News)

Many people know him as a founder and president of Punjab Cultural Society and a protagonist who has contributed his services in promoting Punjabi Culture all across the globe.

Ravinder Ranguwal started his journey as a folk dancer in 1995 and with passage of time he had mastered his skills in cinematography, direction, lyric writing, composing songs and choreographing folk dances. But he has used all his skills in promoting punjabi culture and spreading awareness about the rich heritage of Punjab.

Ravinder Ranguwal’s debut song “Asin Sardar Haan” would be released worldwide by PTC Records at 10 am tomorrow. The lyrics, music and video direction of the song have been done by none other than Ranguwal himself.

In the year 1998, Ranguwal founded a non-government and a non-profitable society, named ‘Punjab Cultural Society’ with an aim to encourage talented youth of Punjab by providing them platforms at both national and international level to showcase their skills. The society also work to keep up the spirit of Punjabi lovers and every year this society felicitates any two personalities who have contributed in promoting Punjabi language and Punjab’s culture.

Ranguwal has worked as a Media Director, Video Director, Folk Artist, Choreographer, Bhangra/Giddha Coach, Music Director, Lyric writer and Turban Trainer. He has also served as Patron at Punjabi Sahit Academy for six years during which he played a role of Convenor for organising Malwa Sabhyachark Manch every year.

As a Media Director and Video Director, he has made several short films, documentaries, comedy films to inculcate the spirit of Punjabiyat and Punjab’s culture among people across the world and to educate people about the rich history of Punjab. He has also directed over 550 music videos which were videoed in different countries such as Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany and many more.

Ranguwal is a folk artist, who has deep knowledge about Punjabi Lok Naach, Lok Geet and Folk Orchestra. He has not only performed at international level but has also served as a judge at various international festivals and competitions.

As a Bhangra coach, he has trained over 12000 students till date, who have made their mark in different countries. He has conducted workshops in different countries to aware people about punjabi language, Punjab’s heritage, lok naach and lok geet.

Ranguwal has also choreographed a famous song ‘Pagri Sambhal’ for Bobby Deol in film 23rd March 1931: Shaheed. He even wrote songs and directed music videos. One of his projects was Nain by Ibadat.

For his contributions to Punjabi Culture, Ranguwal has been felicitated six times by the parliament of Canada and Minister of State for Sport (on behalf of Canada Government). In his tenure, he has been honoured with some prestigious awards such as Lok Kalaava Puraskar, Maan Punjab De, Ambassador of Punjabi Culture, Best Video Director, Naitak Mulya Parhari by various organisations and governments of countries like Canada and New Zealand.

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