Punjab’s printing presses to be modernized: Dharamsot

Chandigarh, November 27, 2019 (Yes Punjab News)

Government printing presses of Punjab will be modernized so that they can be made a waste of time. This was disclosed by Minister of Printing and Stationary Department of Punjab Mr. Sadhu Singh Dharamsot during a meeting with the top officials of the department today.

Mr. Dharamsot instructed the departmental officers to prepare an action plan for updating the government press and to revise the rules related to procurement and printing. He said that the process devised in 1975 for revising the printing and stationery rules should be implemented so that the old process could be notified to the present time.

S. Dharamsot directed the officials to ensure that the complete information with regard to the rules be given in the tenders published for procuring printing and other materials the tenders be given due publicity. He said that a representative of the department concerned should also be included in the tender committee regarding which department the tender is to be issued.

He said that while making the flat rate/rate contract, it should be ensured that it should be done with 5-6 firms at the same time so that the printing can be quickly done in an emergency situation. He said that it should be ensured that the flat rate / rate contract should not be higher than the market rate.

The Minister of Printing and Stationary Department further added that the department should deduct 56 types of stationary items purchased by the department and purchase only those items which are extremely important.

He also directed to purchase stationery as per the budget specified. He said that in order to check the quality of the items purchased, the comparison at the regular intervals be made with the items of the concerned firm being sold in the private market.

Mr. VK Meena, Secretary, Printing and Stationary Department, Controller Mrs. Madhvi Kataria besides Senior Officials were also present.