Punjabis must make Punjab Bandh a success, Congress to fight for right of farmers: Jakhar

Chandigarh, September 24, 2020 (Yes Punjab News)

Punjab Congress President Sunil Jakhar today appealed to all Punjabis to make tomorrow’s call given by farmers for Punjab Bandh a success by all means and give a strong message to the Modi government at the centre that Punjabis will not accept these black laws in any case. He said that the Punjabis will fight till these are taken back by the centre government.

Mr. Jakhar said that these three new laws enacted by the BJP led coalition government in the name of agrarian reforms would prove fatal not only for the farmers but for all sections of Punjab including labourers, shopkeepers, traders, arthias and industrialists. He said that the farmers are the backbone of the Punjab’s economy and if the farmers are destroyed then every section of the state would be badly affected. Mr. Jakhar said that if the pockets of the farmers will be empty then the markets will also remain cold.

Meanwhile, the leader of the Congress legislative party and Punjab Chief Minister Capt. Amarinder Singh said that these three laws were a clear indication that the Modi government wants to keep the farmers in deprived state by capturing all the rights from the states and keep the states as administrative units just like the Municipal Committees. He said that this law was totally against the spirit of federalism as per the constitution of the country.

He said that Shiromani Akali Dal was equally responsible for these anti-farmer laws for which they had been openly presenting these laws as very beneficial for the farmers day and night from the last four months. Accusing the Shiromani Akali Dal of adopting double standards, he said that the Akali Dal was still a partner in the BJP-led alliance which was adamantly working on making the farmers as peasants.

He said that the Congress party was the party of the people and it would fight at all levels to repeal these laws which would prove fatal for Punjab and farmers.

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