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Punjabi Lok Virasat Academy observes 432nd Martyrdom Day of Dulla Bhatti, organizes Symposium & Mashaira

Ludhiana, 26 March, 2021 (Yes Punjab News)
Punjabi Lok Virasat Academy in cooperation with Punjab Business Management and Association organized a virtual international symposium and Mushyiara in remembrance of Dullah Bhatti’s martyrdom on it’s 432nd day .

The international poets and thinkers from America, Canada and European nations participated in this online assembly to remember this fearless son of soil who always spoke for peoples’ voices by leading from forefront In favor of farmers’ interest in the times of Mogul King Akbar’s regime,.

In his welcome Mr Gurbhajan Singh Gill, Chairman of Punjabi Lok Virasat Academy told that 432 years before a brave farmer named Dullah Bhatti was hanged to martyrdom in Lahore. And we are fortunate to hold a first such program remembering Bhatti’s sacrifices.
He also informed that in 2014 in Lahore held World Peace Conference, under the leadership of Fakhar Jaman Sahib, it was announced to install a statue of Dullah Bhatti holding a special event, but we have succeeded only now to decide.

Lok Virasat academy,in its near future will get a statute for Dullah Bhatti made from Manjit Singh Gill ,a famed sculpture of Ghal Kalan(Moga).The members of the academy at Amritsar will be given the task to establish this statue on way from Wagha Border to Parzab road. Lok Virasat academy shall in future celebrate the martyrdom day every year.

Historian Dharam Singh Goraya the writer of a voluminous book on Dullah Bhatti in his presidential address told that we have so far been told and taught only a distorted history by motivated historians hired with explicit agendas .

Goraya clarified the historical fact that Akab’s son Saleem (Jahangir) was not brought up with milk from breasts of Mai Laddhi. Dullha was born in 1547 in Sandal Baar, whereas Jahangir was born on 31st August,1569 at Fathehpur Sikri .

There is a difference of years 21to 22 in age. Dullah Bhatti’s forefathers were massacred not by Akbar, but by he royals situated in Lahore then. When these Bhattis was martyred, Akbar was only of 5 years of age (Born 15th October,1542).

It was also not Nando Mirasan(Nomad) who is believed to have awakened Dullah from slumber in sleep . How come that some ones farmers families are murdered in streets and villagers don’t know about this? At least, it cannot happen in Punjab, Goraya asserted .

he said that historians who say that Dullah was caught in Lahore due to temptation of Gold Mohrs offered to him are wrong. Such historians either don’t know the historical brave background of Rajputs or they themselves had succumbed to the Gold Mohrs’ greed which blurred their vision to facts .

History books telling Dullah a dacoit, snatcher or a plunderer is absolutely wrong and rubbish.

Dharam Singh Goraya further told that in the village PINDI ,the Bhatti brethren and other villagers around PINDI were able to install a statue in the village DULLEKI. Then in March, 2008, a congregation of 5000 people for first time ever had assembled there to remember Dullah Bhatti on his martyrdom day.

Dr. S P Singh, the Chief Guest of this symposium could not make his presence due to death of his young nephew Harpuneet Singh Kapoor. Participants paid homage to the departed soul.

The coordinator of this function Dr. Ashwani Bhalla told that in this poetical symposium dedicated to the farmers’ struggle and causes, remembering Dullah Bhatti’s martyrdom prominent poets such as Padam Shri Surjit Patar ,Smti. Sukhwinder Amrit(Mohali),Mr.Tarlochan Lochi (Ludhiana),Mohan Gill(Canada), Daljit Sandhu(Bathinda),Sarabjit Kaur Jas(Patiala),Harvinder Singh(Chandigarh),Sukhvinder Kamboj(USA),Manjinder Dhanoa(Ludhiana),Jagsser Jeeda(Bathinda),Simarjit Kaur Grewal(Chandigarh),Dr.Gurminder Sidhu(Mohali),Ram Singh Albela(Amloh),Daljinder Rehal(Italy),Gurbaj Singh Cheena(Amritsar),Dr.Ashwani Bhalla(Ludhiana) and Karamjit Grewal(Ludhiana) had participated. All these poets expressed Punjab farmers’ ethos and their current struggle of survival.

Eminent poet Surjit Patar, in his presidential address observed that such a poetic symposium and seminar is certainly a befitting effort in remembering sacrifices of sons of soil for peoples’ causes. He congratulated the Lok Virasat Academy.

Patar also complimented Dharam singh Goraya, who he said he through his research has done a much needed help in breaking myths and lies spread about Dullah Bhatti . This will correct the history course study for future generations about Dullah Bhatti .

For this virtual symposium and Kavi Darbar , Dr. Ashwani Bhalla ,the President Commerce and Business Management association was applauded for his well coordinated technical support for the event which became the memorable one .

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