Punjab, the land of Gurus, belongs to toiling Punjabis, not Ambanis & Adanis: Meet Hayer

Moga, September 28, 2020 (Yes Punjab News)

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Punjab senior leader and MLA Meet Hayer and MLA Manjit Singh Bilaspur on Monday went to the Adani’s private food granary in Moga to stage a protest against the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and top corporate houses, saying the Modi government at the center had passed the black laws, accusing Chief Minister Amarinder Singh of betraying the people of Punjab, especially farmers, farm laborers, ‘arhtiyas’ small-time industrialists, transporters, small shopkeepers and traders, by stabbing in their backs.

Addressing the rally here on Monday, Meet Hayer said that the three black laws passed by the Modi government at the Center and given a go-ahead by Punjab CM Amarinder Singh had been pushed through in collusion with the patronized corporate houses like the Ambani-Adani. The sole motive behind bringing in the legislation was to eliminating the peasantry from Punjab, leaving the farmers at the mercy of the corporates.

The AAP leader said the move would prove to be the death knell for the formers, who were already mired in debt and were committing suicides, day in and day out, besides exacerbating the economic crisis in the state. The passage of the black laws would hit every consumer hard, apart from the farmers and other sections.

Manjeet Singh Bilaspur on the occasion said that as soon as the three farm Bills got President’s nod on Sunday, various farmer organizations of Punjab and Haryana, especially the youth were on one platform taking part in the farmers’ struggle and intensifying it further.

He said entire Punjab was united on the issue and took to the streets and took a solemn vow to stop big corporate houses like Ambani-Adani from entering Punjab, even as they might have to make any sacrifice to ensure that they were booed out?

The AAP leaders said that Punjab, the land of Gurus and saints belonged to Punjabis and their forefathers, who had made it fertile by shedding their sweat on it this earth, which was feeding every section of society across the country.

They warned that the farmers of Punjab would never tolerate the Ambani-Adani to rob their ‘motherland’ from them at the behest of the Modi government at the Center and Amarinder Singh government in the state and that they were ready to make any sacrifice to protect their ‘Motherland’.

During the dharna, the leaders Meet Hayer, Manjit Singh Bilaspur, Navdeep Singh Sangha, Amritpal Singh, Sanjeev Kochhar, Ajay Sharma, Avtar Singh Bunty, Aman Rakhra, Amit Puri, painted black the boards put up the Ambani-Adani and wrote ‘Ambani-Adani Go Back’ on them.

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