Punjab govt. in ICU, frequently requires ventilator: Majithia

Chhapar, Sept 13, 2019 (Yes Punjab News)

The countdown of Punjab government has begun though half of its term is completed and the government is in the ICU requiring aid of ventilators to survive.

Making this observation while addressing a mammoth rally here today, former Punjab minister and senior Akali leader Bikram Singh Majithia said this would be amply demonstrated in the ensuing four by elections of Jalalabad, Dakha, Mukerian and Phagwara where the ruling Congress would be completely routed.

“ its a clarion call that the voters of these four assemblies will be the warriors to demolish the congress party which cheated the people of Punjab to come to power.” The punjabi’s will never forgive Amarinder Singh for lying and ruining there lives.

Majithia said the government is non-existent and divorced from our culture and ethos too.

Referring to Cabinet meeting held at historic Sultanpur Lodhi gurdwara, Majtihai pointed out that none of the ministers except one Shyam Sunder Arora, bowed before the Guru Granth Sahib which reflects on the arrogance of the party that is yet to come out of shadow of Indira Gandhi’s Congress that ordered attack on Harmandir Sahib and resorted to genocide of Sikhs in Delhi.

Majithia welcomed the reopening of the cases of Madhy Pradesh chief minister Kamla Nath and others and now it is the turn of Sonia Gandhi to immediately sack him to demonstrate her repentance for the sins of the Congress otherwise it would be clear to all especially Sikhs that the party is still rooted in its anti-Sikh mentality and unlikely to change.

The Akali leader hailed the decision of the Union government to wipe out the black list and permitting all the 312 persons to get the visa to visit Punjab.

Meanwhile, Majithia urged the Union government to persuade the Pakisanti government to waive that proposed service tax of Rs 1400 on each pilgrim visiting Nankana Sahib on eve of 550th birth anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev ji.

However, if Pakistan refuses to retract and insist on tax, Punjab government should pay the tax from its own exchequer as the poor devotees can’t afford it. Since the government is spending lavishly on itself, it can easily make this small contribution to this noble cause.

Dismissive of the performance of the Punjab government, Majithia said it had failed to honor even a single promise which it had made in its poll manifesto. One job for every family, smart phone to youth, unemployment allowance all are distant dreams now and unlikely to be fulfilled. Continued suicide by farmers only prove that farmers loans have not been waived, he said adding that so far not a single penny has been paid to the effected farmers in the state as the state has no money.

However, Majithia pointed that state has enough funds to burden it with an army of advisers. He said what sort of political advice these novice can offer to veteran Amarinder Singh who has been twice chief minister and repeatedly elected to the state assembly and parliament.

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