Jakhar urges Modi Govt to waive off Rs.3-lakh-crore debt of farmers, Congress announces Padyatra to Darbangha

Chandigarh, May 28, 2020 (Yes Punjab News)
While reminding Prime Minister Narendra Modi of his “Raj Dharma”, Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee President Sunil Jakhar demanded that the Union Government should provide free train travel or bus service to escort all the migrant workers to their homes.

Addressing the people on social media today as part of the Congress party’s nationwide program, Mr. Jakhar said that occupying the most prestigious position in the country, Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi has completely forgotten the poor people of the country.

Referring to the plight of millions of migrant workers, Jakhar quoted a girl carrying her ailing father on a bicycle from Gurugram to Darbhanga and said that the Congress party will organise padyatra” after lockdown situation eases, from Gurugram to Darbhanga to show solidarity with the millions of migrant victims like the said girl. Congressmen would continue to help the migrant workers. Jyoti’s cycling incident was a shame for the country and the Union government could not acquit itself of the crime of harassing the migrants.

Mr. Jakhar said that the kind of atrocities being inflicted on the migrants by the UP government to prevent them from returning to their home state was unimaginable in the civilized society. He demanded the central government to immediately transfer Rs 10,000 in the bank accounts of every poor family as the lockdown had devastated the economy of every section and the worst hit was the poor.

He also demanded relief for small traders and shopkeepers saying that middle class families also need money to survive by keeping the business going and not the package.

Commenting on the so-called Rs 20-lakh crore package announced by the Union government, Mr. Jakhar asked the Prime Minister to explain what was in the package for the farmers. He said that 60 per cent of the population of the country was dependent on agriculture but nothing was done for the farmers in the package. No wise person would even advise the enemy to take a loan while the Modi government was branding the loan schemes as relief package.

The Congress leader demanded that the Central Government should waive off the debts of Rs. 3 lakh crore of the farmers. “If the Congress government in Punjab could waive off the debts of 6 lakh farmers despite its limited resources, why the Union government could not do so, he questioned.

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