Protesters give way to ambulance, not all Twitterati impressed – With Video

New Delhi, Dec 19, 2019-

A video clip of student protesters giving way to an ambulance here got mixed reactions from Twitter users who either praised the gesture or criticised the agitators.

One user posted the clipping and wrote: “Remember the video of the crowd parting to make way for an ambulance in Hong Kong? This was at the protest at the Jamia yesterday. These are not troublemakers looking to incite trouble; for that, it seems, you need a uniform; these students are fighting for all of us.”

It got 63.5K views, 3.3K retweets and 6.4K likes. However, it is not known when and where this clip was shot.

One user wrote: “The right way to demonstrate & protest.”

“This warms my heart,” said another.

One fan posted: “This is the real essence of every student… Compassionate, open to discuss and listen!!”

Other users were sceptical. One post read: “Fear of police danda….”

“Good that after pelting stones and injuring people, they are at least allowing them to be safely ferried to the hospital,” posted another user.

One post read: “Now the whitewash begins….”

One user commented: “Giving way to an ambulance is a traffic rule. And you apologists want India to shower praise on these rioters(sic)?”


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