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PM Modi’s free-wheeling chat with gamers: Watch the full video on Saturday

New Delhi, April 12 2024-

Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently met country’s noted gaming creators and discussed its future as well as the challenges before the e-gaming industry.

The teaser of PM Modi’s free-wheeling interaction with the gamers, released on Thursday took the social media storm, fetching lakhs of views in a couple of hours. In the teaser video, PM Modi was seen posing curious questions to the gamers while also trying his hands at some of the games.

The full video of PM Modi’s interaction with the gamers will be released on April 13 at 9.30 AM on the Prime Minister’s official social media handles and video-sharing platforms.

The video was reportedly shot at the Prime Minister’s official residence.

Gaming creators who met Prime Minister included Animesh Agarwal, Mithilesh Patankar, Payal Dhare, Naman Mathur and Anshu Bisht. Elated and overwhelmed over meeting PM Modi, they all agreed on the fact that the ‘Prime Minister was the biggest influencer in India’.

“We recently had an insightful discussion with the Prime Minister about the esports industry. His vision is set to revolutionise gaming in India,” Agarwal and Patankar posted on Instagram.

While the gamers said that they didn’t feel the age difference while meeting PM Modi, the latter also quipped, “I colour my hair white so that people know I am mature.”

One of the female members of the gaming community described it as a “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

Notably, PM Modi’s meeting with the gaming community has become a talking point in the nation, owing to e-gaming’s vast engagement with the youth. As per Invest India, the online gaming sector is the fourth largest sector in the country, with maximum growth potential.

PM Modi’s outreach to the gaming community reinforces his resolve to maximise youth connection in the nation’s growth. Gaming companies are also gung-ho about such engagements by the Prime Minister as they believe that this will boost the industry’s penetration in the country.

Election-wise, political analysts see it as PM Modi’s strategy of engaging with the young voters. If seen in this prospect, this is not a one-off incident. Last month, PM Modi’s meeting with the social media influencers had renewed the debate on Modi’s ‘youth connect’.

At the National Creators’ Award, the Prime Minister had given awards to many creators, mostly in the age bracket of 20-30 years. They included 20-year-old Jahnvi Singh, 23-year-old Maithili Thakur, 28-year-old Jaya Kishori, 28-year-old Nischay Malhan, and 30-year-old Ranveer Allahbadia and many others. (Agency)





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