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Sunday, April 14, 2024

PM Modi’s crusade against corruption will not stop: Harjit Grewal

Chandigarh, 1 April, 2024 (Yes Punjab News)

The charade by INDI alliance on projecting themselves in a rally as honest is nothing but a “soap opera “orchestrated by politicians mired in corruption, said Harjeet Singh Grewal, a senior leader of BJP Punjab and its National Executive Member here today.

The Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken on the mettle of removing corruption from our country and will not stop till this endeavour is accomplished. The Prime Minister has a family of 140 crore. Whose interests are paramount to him. Any individual or political party which has indulged in corruption and loot will not be spared, he warned.

Reasoning the irony of INDI alliance Grewal said that the Indi alliance is really a “motley crowd of political outfits who fearing action against them for their nefarious corrupt practices have got together to save themselves “However they better be warned that BJP will not spare anyone who has looted our country and countrymen.

The AAP has claimed that this rally in Delhi was to protest against the arrest of Arvind Kejriwal but the Congress has rebutted it by categorically stating that it was an rally for the “Indi Alliance”.

The alliance has deep rooted mistrust as it is apparent that in Delhi the AAP has seat sharing formula with the Congress but in Punjab both are at “loggerheads “.

The situation in other states is similar as in Bihar RJD has already announced its candidates for the Lok Sabha elections. In West Bengal Mamta Banerjee has no truck with the alliance. In Maharashtra candidates by Uddhav Thackeray been announced. In Uttar Pradesh the position of Congress is dismal and it will be routed.

The AAP and Congress MP’s and MLA’s are disenchanted with their parties and are quitting and joining the BJP.

AAP a political party which claims to be the most honest has lost its holier than thou reputation as most of its prominent leaders are sitting behind bars due to corruption scandals. From Satinder Jain, Manish Sasodia, Sanjay Singh, Arvind Kejriwal and Hemant Soren are mired in corruption, said Grewal.

Unfortunately, AAP which claimed to give better education, free power, water and dispensaries did not refrain from indulging in corruption in these institutions also, reasoned Grewal.

The INDI alliance has only one agenda that is to mislead the public. It has nothing concrete to offer to the general public and all it does is to abuse the Prime Minister, disregard and distort facts, encourage anti Hindu sentiments and keep silent on issues which are pertinent to the progress of the nation.

The RJD, AAP, Congress, JMM, Trinamool, DMK and other political groups which form the INDI alliance are historically corrupt and cases against their leaders like Lalu Yadav are itched in every citizen’s mind.

While The Congress party has no moral or ethical standards to face the electorate and it should explain why it did not file income tax? The list of wrongdoings is endless by the Congress and today it stands isolated in the country as the people of the nation know who to vote for and which party will take India/ Bharat towards progress and prosperity, said Grewal.




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