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PM Modi hugs, showers praise on two ‘special guests’ in Parliament

New Delhi, June 26, 2024
Prime Minister Narendra Modi received two special guests at his office in the Parliament on Wednesday.

The special guests — two little girls — not only made the Prime Minister visibly overjoyed with their visit, but also brought a wide smile on his face with their singing skills.

The two little girls, dressed in similar lilac frocks, recited a poem for PM Modi, making him smile with their heartwarming gesture.

PM Modi, known for his affinity for children, also embraced the girls with warmth and lauded their soulful recitation.

‘Wah!,’ remarked PM Modi as he patted their back.

The video of the meeting was also shared on the Instagram handle of the Prime Minister.

The two special guests are the granddaughters of Haryana Governor Bandaru Dattatreya, who brought them along during his meeting with the Prime Minister.

In the video, the two girls can be seen entering the office premises along with Governor Dattatreya, holding a flower bouquet to greet the Prime Minister.

“Jisne apna jeevan Bharat ke naam kiya… Haath jod kar naman karo,” the little girls can be heard saying in the video.

In December last year, Dattatreya shared a video of his granddaughter reciting a poem for PM Modi on his X handle.

“My granddaughter Jashodhara reciting a poem in praise of Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ji,” he captioned the post.

A day later, PM Modi shared the video on his X account, saying, “Creative and adorable. Her words are a source of great energy as well.”(Agency)

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