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PM Modi hits out at ‘parivaarwaad, bhai-bhatijawad’ in I-Day speech

New Delhi, Aug 15, 2022- As India celebrates 75 years of Independence, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday hoisted the Tricolour at the Red Fort and addressed the nation on the occasion.

While addressing the nation for the ninth time from the historic ramparts of Red Fort, Prime Minister Modi hit out at the ‘parivaarwad’ and ‘bhai-batijawad’ in his speech and asked the people to help eradicate this.

Modi said that the talent will be the basis for the progress of new India. “To cleanse every institute of India, let’s shift our mentality from ‘bhai-bhatijawad’ and ‘Parivaarwad’ and give an opportunity to the citizens who deserve it,” he said.

“Corruption and dynasty politics are two of the biggest challenges before India. We need to fight against corruption with full might”, said PM Modi in his speech.

The PM said further that until and unless people have the mentality of penalising the corrupt, the nation cannot progress at the optimum pace. “Another evil we need to come together against is nepotism. We need to give opportunities to those who are talented and will work towards the progress of the nation,” he underlined in his speech.

The Prime Minister said that there is no place for corruption in our society and that the people of the country need to come together as a society to punish those who have propagated the evil of corruption. “Today the nation shows anger towards corruption, but sometimes people show kindness towards the corrupted. Until and unless people have the mentality of penalising the corrupt, the nation cannot progress at optimum pace,” he added.

Talking about the corruption, PM Modi said that on the one hand there are those who do not have a home to live in and on the other there are those who do not have a place to store the stolen goods. This situation is not good for the nation, he said.

Seeking help from citizens, PM Modi said, “Corruption is scooping out the foundation of India. I want to fight against it. I call upon the 130 crore Indians to help me fight against corruption,” PM said from the rampart of the Red Fort.

“Some people keep glorifying those who have been convicted of corruption and spent time in jail. We must ensure an attitude of hatred towards corruption and corrupted,” PM Modi underlined in his speech.  (Agency)

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