PDA urges Bains brothers to reconsider contest from Phagwara, urge them to leave seat for BSP

Chandigarh, September 28, 2019 (Yes Punjab News)
In a press release issued here today, PDA leaders urged Bains brothers to reconsider contesting the Phagwara by-poll in favour of BSP, so that we can keep alive the spirit of opposition unity and strengthen the idea of a third alternative initiated during the Lok Sabha elections.

We feel that it is not a question of any particular party or even winning or loosing the By-election. It is question of maintaining the spirit of alliance and keeping the hope of an third alternative of people of Punjab alive for shaping up the future of pro people politics in Punjab.

PDA leaders disclosed that a marathon meeting of its alliance was held at Punjab Bhawan Chandigarh on 26th September, where all its allies including Simarjit Singh Bains participated.

Both BSP and LIP laid claims to the Phagwara Vidhan Sabha seat but a consensus was developed, that since Phagwara has been a traditional stronghold of the BSP, the seat should be left to the party.

Similarly, there was also consensus that LIP should fight the Dakha assembly in view of the good performance by Mr. bains, during the Lok Sabha polls and Jalalabad be allocated to the CPI in case it wants to field its candidate, said the PDA leaders.

They said but unfortunately Simarjit Singh Bains has gone ahead to unilaterally announce LIP candidates on both Phgawara as well as Dakha seats. PDA leaders said they felt that the alliance of six parties was cobbled together in the run upto Lok Sabha elections, to rid Punjab from stranglehold of corrupt traditional parties of Congress and SAD-BJP.

They said although the PDA could not win any MP seat but it polled more than 14 lac votes and registered about 11 percent votes to its kitty during the Lok Sabha elections, which is double the vote share of AAP.

PDA leaders said they felt that maintaining the spirit of opposition unity and keeping alive the hope of people in the third alternative, is many times more important than squabbling over by-election seats.

They said none disputed the claim of LIP over the Dakha seat but their claim on Phagwara seat is not only unjustified but contrary to the electoral track record of the Vidhan Sabha.

They said BSP has since decades been polling 20,000 to 30,000 votes in every election from Phagwara, therefore it is natural for the PDA to allocate the seat to BSP, in all fair play.

PDA leaders made a fervent appeal to Bains brothers not to insist on contesting from Phagwara, as it will dampen the hope of people in alternative politics of Punjab.

They said as it is the result of by polls will make no difference in the polity of the state, as it is well known that such by-elections have never been free and fair and normally the incumbent governments misuse all resources at their command to win them.

They said it is also common knowledge, that the Congress and SAD have reached a compromise to win two seats each, rendering the contest even more meaningless.

Therefore, we make a humble appeal to Bains brothers to withdraw from Phagwara, so that we are able to maintain unity said the PDA leaders. They said they were sure Mr. Bains is a reasonable and rationale man and would listen to their appeal.

PDA leaders said in case LIP refused to withdraw from Phagwara, they would support BSP in the by poll but would continue to support LIP at Dakha.

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