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Partap Bajwa asks Amarinder to stop hoodwinking people of Punjab on withdrawal of Bargari Sacrilege Cases from CBI

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Chandigarh, August 16, 2019 (Yes Punjab News)
As the Polish-American poet Czeslaw Milosz once said – In a room where people unanimously maintain a conspiracy of silence, one word of truth sounds like a pistol shot. It seems this word of truth from me, seems to have aroused you and our Government from its deep slumber.

I have done nothing more than reminded you of the promises made by our party to the people of Punjab which we have not fulfilled till date. It is not my ignorance but your intentional misleading of the people of the state which I have very strongly objected to. Let me ask you a question, the answer of which I expect with the documentary evidence from your side.

If the Hon’ble High Court had allowed the case to be taken back from CBI, the judgment referred by you is dated 25/01/2019, then why did the government keep sleeping over it and not even bother to check as to whether the CBI had handed over the case back to Punjab or was still continuing with the investigation?

Obviously, this was a major lapse on the part of your government which is headed by you as Chief Minister. I do not think you can shift the burden of this responsibility from your shoulders to that of any officer working under you.

It needs to be pointed out that there is a gap of more than a six months between the decision of the case being referred to by you and filing of the closure report by CBI. This is a clear reflection on the part of the government and its functionaries as to how casually this case has been treated.

​Not only this, I would further like to know that if the Central Bureau of Investigation had not handed over the documents of the case to the Punjab government and the Punjab government was well aware of this fact, then why was no contempt petition filed before the Hon’ble High Court against the CBI?

I would further like to question as to what was the investigation being carried out under your government if the connected cases sought to be withdrawn from CBI had not been taken back and long statements were being issued stating that a very fair investigation was being carried out?

Another thing that clearly shows how the public of the state is being fooled by you is evident from the fact that after making tall claims of a fair investigation in the sacrilege cases and without being aware of the fact that the CBI was still investigating the connected cases, your government got to know only when the CBI proceeded to filed the closure report.

​It further needs to be pointed out that your bundle of lies stand exposed regarding your attempts to provide justice to the people of Punjab as once it had been highlighted by the media that the CBI was filing closure report and the same was filed, your government did not proceed to file any petition much less a contempt petition before the Hon’ble High Court seeking compliance of the judgement dated 25/01/2019 which has been referred to by you while saying that my facts need to be corrected.

I would further like to expose your attitude towards helping the accused and denying the people of Punjab any justice by pointing out that when the state of Punjab tried to contest the closure report filed by CBI, the Ld. Special Court even refused to grant the state of Punjab the status of a complainant.

It is surprising as to why the argument being raised by you before the media was not accepted by the court while hearing arguments on the closure report of CBI. I am quite sure that it is you who needs to read the order passed by the court which has granted the status of complainant in this case to Gora Singh.

​I have not been able to understand as to why the investigation in this case has taken so much time and that too with all the government functionaries not being aware of the fact that the matter was continuously being investigated by CBI.

I would like to ask you to publicly state the following the details which would clearly establish the falsehood of your claims and my criticism against you would automatically get justified (you have already mentioned the date of the judgement passed by the Hon’ble High Court i.e. 25/01/2019 on basis of which you have tried to question my statement): –

1. The date on which CBI stopped the investigation.
2. The date on which CBI handed over the case documents to Punjab government/state of Punjab.
3. If the documents of the case were never handed over to the Punjab government by CBI, the date on which the contempt petition was filed by state of Punjab against CBI.
4. The investigation which was conducted in those FIRs even without the documents having been received back from CBI.
5. The date on which you got to know for the first time that the CBI was filing the closure report.
6. The date on which you filed a contempt petition before the Hon’ble High Court against CBI after getting to know that the CBI was filing the closure report.
7. The date on which the closure report was filed by the CBI before the Ld. special court.
All these facts clearly proved that you have been hoodwinking the people of Punjab and ensuring that the sacrilege cases merely remain a political issue.

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