Pakistan man faces trial in Dubai for trying to steal from Indian

Dubai, Feb 24, 2020-

A Pakistani expat is facing trial at a Dubai court for allegedly trying to snatch a gold necklace off an Indian woman, it was reported.

The Court of First Instance on Sunday heard that the 23-year-old Pakistani man’s bid was foiled after the woman screamed for help and two passersby rushed to her aid and caught the accused, reports the Khaleej Times.

The incident took place last November.

“I was walking home from a clinic when a man (the defendant) got close to me from behind and tried to snatch my gold necklace,” the 32-year-old Indian housewife said.

“I screamed for help. Two passersby chased and caught the man.”

The woman was left with some lacerations on her neck.

The two men who helped the women were also Pakistani nationals.  (Agency)

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