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NYAY surgical strike on poverty: Rahul Gandhi

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Jhalda (West Bengal), May 7, 2019-

Describing the ambitious Nyuntam Aay Yojana (NYAY) promised by his party as a “surgical strike on poverty”, Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday said an amount of Rs 3.60 lakh would be given to each of the five crore poor families if his party was voted to power in the Lok Sabha elections.

“I give a guarantee that Hindustan’s next government will give the amount to each of the 5 crore families — that is 25 crore people in the next five years,” Gandhi told an election rally here in support of Congress candidate from Purulia Nepal Mahato.

“Wah wah, this a surgical strike on poverty,” Gandhi exclaimed.

Turning to farmers’ issues, Gandhi said the law will be changed to ensure that farmers were not jailed for failing to repay bank loans.

“If India’s farmer takes a loan of Rs 20,000 and fails to return, then are they sent to jail or not?” he asked.

Gandhi said he doesn’t find it right when rich people are not jailed after taking big amounts while the farmers are caught if they take loans.

“Do you think there is Nyay (justice)? No farmer belonging to Bengal or any state will be sent to jail if they fail to pay the bank loans.

He promised that the new government to be formed after the Lok Sabha elections will have a separate budget for the farmers.

“After 2019, there will be two budgets, first, the farmer’s budget will be made.

“In the beginning of the year, the farmers will know that the amount of money allotted by the government, the number of food processing units, how many storage facilities will be there and what kind of technology will be given for the farmers.

“In the very first year, they will be told about their earnings and profits,” he said.

He slammed Prime Minister Narendra Modi and West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee for failing to provide employment and ensuring fair price for farmers.

Gandhi said the BJP’s only aim was to ensure Modi becomes Prime Minister again.

“But I tell you no power can make him the PM, as the citizens are going to hit a sixer this time,” he said.

Mocking Modi, he said Modi earlier talked about his 56-inch chest, but now “two glasses are fixed that are known as teleprompters. He is warned that he should not speak about unemployment and farmers as the public can become angry”.  (Agency)

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