No competition with Punjabi music peers: Sukh-E

New Delhi, Jan 8, 2020-

Having delivered hits like ‘Jaguar’ and ‘Coka’, Punjabi singer Sukhdeep Singh, better known by his stage name Sukh-E, feels that there is no competition in the Punjabi popular music space, since every artiste has something unique to produce.

Asked if there is a sense of competition with his peer singers, Sukh-E said that there is none.

“I don’t see any competition in this because I feel my way of making music is quite different from that of others. Maybe this is the reason I got so much appreciation in the past year. I believe every artiste has something different from others and that is why people keep on loving us. Every artiste has a new vibe to offer,” Sukh-E, 29, told.

The hit singer also feels that people catch the vibe of Punjabi music even when they don’t understand the lyrics – and Bollywood is paramount in promoting it.

“Punjabi songs are getting promoted because of the Bollywood industry. Bollywood is gradually adopting punjabi accents in their songs which are getting even more popular among Indian fans. I think Punjabi is something people feel familiar with, when expressing their love and happiness. Plus, it is more groovy and enthusiastic. No matter if they understand the lyrics or not, but they certainly catch the vibe or the feel of the lyrics.”

On being asked how he finds inspiration for songs, he says, “With every new release, the youth of our country motivates me to make new music. India’s youth is energetic and active in terms of music. They’ve kept on loving each new song of mine and motivated me to come up to the level where I am today,” he shared.

Keeping tight-lipped about his upcoming songs, Sukh-E recently associated with an event company YS Events for a performance.  (Agency)

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