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Nirbhaya case: UP jail administration to send hangman to Tihar

New Delhi, Jan 8, 2020:

As a Delhi court issued death warrants for the four convicts on Tuesday, the Tihar jail administration has started the preparations for the hangings.

Tihar Jail Director General Sandeep Goyal told on Tuesday that Uttar Pradesh jail administration has agreed to provide a hangman required to conduct the hangings.

“We contacted the UP jail Director General Anand Kumar for a hangman to which he said that he will arrange a hangman from Meerut jail,” said Goyal.

When asked that before how many days a hangman will be required, he said, “It is a long process but yes the place from where UP jail administration will be sending the hangman to Tihar is not too far from Delhi so we will call the hangman accordingly.”

Pawan Jallad, who is expected to carry out the hangings, told “As of now I am in Saharanpur. I was been told to be ready to conduct the hangings of the Nirbhaya case convicts. As soon as I receive an official information from the Meerut jail, I will reach Tihar jail.”

“I have said earlier also that the execution in the Nirbhaya gang rape and murder should happen as early as possible. If the government had expedited on executing the hanging of the Nirbhaya case convicts, the Hyderabad case might not have happened,” said Pawan.

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“I come from the family of executioners. I don’t need much practice. I will only have to inspect the noose and the execution place once, see the measurement of the convicts and prepare myself for the execution,” added Pawan.

He said I am the fourth generation after my great grandfather (Lakshman Jallad), grandfather (Kalu Ram Jallad) and father Mammu Jallad. I leant the execution from them only. “It is not an easy job. It is a job which has a lot of responsibilities because on mistake of the hangman can put the convict in more pain,” Pawan said.

For the first time, Pawan executed a hanging at Patiala Central Jail with his grandfather, when he hanged two brothers. Pawan, who has executed five hangings with his grandfather till now, said “When I executed my first hanging with my grandfather, I was 20-22 year old now I am 58.”

Pawan recalls that the last execution that he did with his grandfather was of a convict in the Bulandshahar gang rape and murder case in 1988 at the Central Jail.

Pawan said that he is happy to know that there are all the possibilities that he will only execute the hangings of the Nirbhaya case convicts. He is also happy that despite being executing the hangings for whole of his life he remained poor.

Now, he will get around Rs 1 lakh (Rs 25,000 per convict) for hanging four convicts which will improve his financial situation for a few days at least.  (Agency)





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