Navjot Sidhu should be made Deputy CM of Punjab: NRI World Organization

Sydney, December 15, 2019 (Yes Punjab News)

Dr Amarjit Tanda, Convener of the NRI World Organization and the Director of ‘World Punjabi Literature PA’, issued a note in the name of the press at Rosehill Sydney. Navjot Singh Sidhu was the deputy of Punjab. M. Be made.

The decision was taken has been taken yesterday by the Advisory and Directors board, keeping in mind the services of ministerial and advisory services, good performance, good thinking good game, Punjabi language and other fields of Navjot Singh Sidhu .

Dr Tanda said that former Minister of Culture and Tourism Affairs, Navjot Singh Sidhu, has honored Punjabi culture and art at the international level.

Dr Tanda said that no other minister in the Cabinet worked as efficiently as transparently as Navjot Sidhu did. The Urban Development Department was a cruel ship when he joined. He succeeded in generating Rs 6,000 crore and completing all outstanding projects on the battlefield.

Dr Tanda said the department did not have even five paise. There was no money to pay employees, no guidance, no accountability and no question was raised about its functioning.

Dr Tanda said that Sidhu had called the press conference and told the people. But the misconception of many was not seen as a result of jealousy. Sidhu was replaced to a lower division officer, who did not succumb and resigned.

Dr. Tanda said that he was not lacking in decorum and was missing in flattery. He is diligent and wise man. The flattery and the jealousy of others did not set Sidhu up, but he himself ran away from an environment of sycophants with nil performance. Where no one asks for work, it is better to remain silent he opted Dr Tanda said.

Dr Tanda said that during the inauguration of Navjot Singh Sidhu Kartarpur intersection, even when opening the Kartarpur intersection, Sidhu broke the silence of the Pakistani Prime Minister and his dear friend Imran Khan. While giving a speech, Sidhu has made another demand from Imran Khan, in which he is demanding Khan to fulfill his dream, or open the border.

Sidhu said that it was my dream to open all the borders. What a wonderful thought it was, ”said Dr Tanda. Dr Tanda said that Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan gave special honor to his friend Navjot Singh Sidhu who arrived at the inauguration ceremony of Kartarpur road.

Imran first met Sidhu with a hug. Imran binds Sidhu with him. Interestingly, Imran asked the people there, “Where is our Sidhu?” Imran’s video on social media. Meanwhile, Imran also inquired about Dr. Manmohan Singh. There is also no question from others who consider themselves to be leftist Khan.

Dr Tanda said that all the big politicians besides the Prime Ministers of the two countries had arrived at the events but the media eye remained on Sidhu. Not only the media, people of both countries also treated Sidhu as a hero.

Dr Tanda said that former Cabinet Minister Navjot Singh Sidhu, who has been sitting quietly in Punjab politics for a long time, should also be taken back to the Punjab Cabinet so that some thought should be given to the declining condition of Punjab.

Sidhu was still able to generate Rs 6,000 crore in Urban Development Department and complete all outstanding projects at the war level. Dr Tanda said that Sidhu had suggested using methods to increase government revenue in sand liquor cable transport and other areas.

So in view of the high thinking and understanding of these performers, we strongly urge all NRI Sidhu to return to the Punjab Cabinet once again with a high rank. If good, they should be given the post of deputy chief minister and brought back into politics.

Dr Tanda has strongly said that if the government does not listen to all the NRIs around the world then they will not even attend them too. Then why NRIs should think about Punjab and the country if no one ever believes in us?

Dr Tanda said that they only want good for their Punjab and the country.

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