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Natural disasters need a long-term planning – by Narvijay Yadav

Some troubles catch us unprepared, while some natural disasters are well known to the state governments, central government, local administration, and common citizens also. Warnings are issued in advance, yet year after year natural disasters such as floods keep coming, devastating the states and its people. Assam – the largest state of Northeast India, suffers every year the tragedy of horrific rains and incessant floods. Everyone knows that there will be floods during the monsoon season.

This has been happening for decades. The floods are also so severe that delivery of relief material becomes a big task for the armed forces and NDRF. Millions of people become homeless and get upset because every time their property gets ruined hopelessly. Houses get submerged in the flood water, as is happening this time again in Assam and elsewhere.

Floods continue to wreak havoc in 28 districts of the state of Assam, with Silchar district being the most affected, where more than one lakh people are trapped on the second or third floors of their houses, or on the roofs, as the lower floors are submerged in flood waters and are completely submerged. Moreover, thieves come stealthily in boats and flee after robbing closed shops and houses.

In Assam, the Indian Air Force is providing necessary help to citizens in flood-hit areas as part of a flood relief drive, but food packets and water bottles are running out as the demand is ever-growing. The Air Force is in need of more water bottles and food packets that are being dropped from helicopters. Relief materials are not reaching the needy people properly, who say that black marketing is at its peak in the area.

There a bottle of drinking water is being sold at an exorbitant price of Rs 500 each, while a simple candle is selling at Rs 50 each. There is no electricity in the flood-affected areas in Assam, so in the dark of night, the candle becomes the support of the suffering people. When the tragedy of floods repeats itself every year, and everyone knows about it, then why not some long-term plans are worked out to combat the misery? The state government should think about it along with the central government. So that the citizens there do not have to be a victim of floods every year.

Talking Points Narvijay YadavSomething similar is the case with Uttarakhand, where the Char Dham Yatra is at its peak, but some flaws have been found in the all-weather road built for this journey leading to Kedarnath and other spiritual destinations in the Himalayas. Geologists and other experts opine that several water bodies were buried under the debris. Due to which water is seeping into the huge stationary rocks and reaching inside, due to which there is a danger of the rocks slipping down.

Now think for yourself that the vehicles which are passing through the all-weather road, including cars, buses, and others, are in maximum danger. Rocks can fall from above at any time and major accidents can happen at any time. Experts have warned the state government about this upcoming danger. Scientists know a lot about this. It seems that everything will continue like this until some major accident happens.

For the next two-three days, the Meteorological Department has issued a high alert regarding heavy rain in Uttarakhand, as there is a possibility of rain and storm. That is why those going on Char Dham Yatra are being stopped for two-three days at least. They are being forbidden to go ahead and are being warned not to proceed on the path of Chardham Yatra.

Along with Uttarakhand, an alert of heavy rain and storm has also been issued in Himachal Pradesh. The possibility of incidents like heavy rains, landslides, stone-falls, road blockades, and power outages have increased across the state. Monsoon has almost arrived in the state and it is expected that from June 27, the monsoon will be fully active in Himachal Pradesh. That’s why people have been asked to be careful.

Meanwhile, in the entertainment industry of India, there were no specific rules and regulations in place regarding the presence of young children in acting and shooting projects, which caused many kids the utmost inconveniences and troubles. Children used to suffer from mental stress and anxiety.

For this, the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) has issued a draft paper, which states that the shooting of TV programs and feature films should not make young children work for more than 27 days a day, and 20 percent of their income should be deposited in fixed deposit (FD) accounts. Minor children who are acting, participating in TV, film, or reality shows, or participating in any entertainment show and are part of shooting often miss school classes, and their studies suffer a lot. Such children should be supported in their education by employing private tutors for them.

Minor children will have to be given a safe environment at the shooting spot. Children have to be given a safe environment. They should not be put in any physical danger. Their make-up room or change room should not be shared with adult artists. Children cannot be shown to be smoking, drinking, or indulging in any crime. For those who do not follow these rules, a provision has been made for both fine and imprisonment.

Also, the producers will have to take permission from the district magistrate where the shooting is to take place, to involve children in the shooting. The producers also need to submit a statement before the magistrate that the child has not been subjected to any kind of abuse or exploitation. Before the shooting starts, the producer will also have to give in writing to the district administration the full details of the precautionary steps being taken for such children.

The writer is a senior journalist & columnist.
Twitter @NarvijayYadav

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