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Nakodar Quran Sacrilege Case solved – Jalandhar Police arrest accused who desecrated holy book

Jalandhar, August 3, 2019 (Yes Punjab News)
While addressing the press media, Sh. Navjot Singh Mahal, PPS, SSP/Jalandhar (Rural) intimated that on 06-07-2019, Mukhtiar Ali s/o Taz Mohammad resident of Khanpur Dhadda, PS Sadar Nakodar stated in his statement that on the evening of 05-07-2019, when he alongwith Shaukat Ali s/o Ajit Mohammad, Sahil Mohammad s/o Yakub Ali, Sabar Ali s/o Munga Mohammad all resident of Khanpur Dhadda after reading Isha Namaz left the mosque the religious books namely Quran Sharif, Muntkhab Ahadees and Fazail e Amal were kept safe in the Almirah to which was not locked.

At 05:00 AM on the next day, when he reached at the main gate of the mosque, he found the outer gate open and the lock of the entrance gate of the mosque was broken upon which he was frightened.

Inspite of entering the mosque, he went to his brother Shaukat Ali and they both alongwith other community members entered in the mosque and found that all the three religious books alongwith mats and bed sheets were lying burnt on the floor by some unknown persons.

In this regard SI Sikandar Singh, SHO, PS Sadar Nakodar registered case FIR No. 97 dated 06-07-2019 u/s 295-A IPC in PS Sadar Nakodar, district Jalandhar (Rural) and conducted preliminary investigation of the case.

During investigation, the complainant party suspected Sharif Mohammad @ Vicky s/o Gulzar Mohammad r/o Khanpur Dhadda, Police Station Sadar Nakodar responsible for the burning of Holy Quran Sharif upon which he was arrested in the case under 41(1) Cr.P.C., but he was found innocent in the case. In this heavy resentment was seen in the Muslim community and their demand was to arrest the culprit at the earliest.

Keeping in view the sensitivity of the case, a Special Investigation Team (SIT) consisting of Sh. Ravinder Pal Singh Sandhu, PPS, SP/Headquarters, Sh. Parminder Singh Heer, PPS, SP/Punjab Bureau of Investigation & OCCU, Smt. Vatsala Gupta, IPS, ASP/Sub-Division Nakodar, Sh. Amandeep Singh Brar, PPS, DSP/Major Crime, Inspr. Shiv Kumar, I/c. CIA Staff, Inspr. Zamil Mohammad, SHO PS City Nakodar and SI Sikander Singh, SHO PS Sadar Nakodar. To maintain the law and order,05 member Co-ordination Committee consisting of Kalim Azad, Mazhar Ali, Jabbar Khan, Naeen Khan and Sattar Mohammad was also constituted.

The Special Investigation team with the assistance of Co-ordination Committee conducted the investigation of the case in a systematic, technical and scientific manner and on 03-08-2019 arrested Shaukat Ali s/o Aziz Mohammad r/o Khanpur Dhadda, PS Sadar Nakodar, district Jalandhar (Rural), who was the real accused in the case and he also admitted his crime.

During investigation, it was also found that the Holy Quran Sharif was not in the mosque as about 01 month ago, the accused handed over the same to his nephew, who is studying in Malerkotla, The books which were burnt in the mosque were not the religious books and rather they were of Physics and English, which the accused brought from his home.

He broke down the water taps and also threw the broken lock at the scene of crime, which he brought from his home to make the scene of crime look grave.

His main motive of creating this incident was that a lot of people use to visit the mosque and he was also not having good relations with Sharif Mohammad. The Holy Quran Sharif has been safely recovered from the nephew of Shaukat Ali and has been placed in the mosque with dignity.





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