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Musk wants to investigate bots before Twitter deal – by Narvijay Yadav

The blue bird of Twitter is in trouble once again. The question has arisen whether Tesla CEO Elon Musk will confirm the deal or not. Twitter says it has hardly five percent of fake accounts or bots on its system, while Musk suspects that the number of such fake accounts could be something around 20 to 90 percent.

Musk absolutely doesn’t want a fake account on the microblogging platform. Because of this, his proposed $44 billion deal with Twitter is stuck in the middle. Let me explain here that the bots or fake accounts are mechanical in nature and they copy humans in terms of following someone, liking, or retweeting a tweet. Bots are used to give the desired momentum to political and fraudulent activities. Such accounts spread instability in society and the world.

Musk wants the fake accounts on Twitter to be thoroughly investigated and removed permanently. In the absence of this, he has made up his mind to back out of Twitter’s deal. If all of these bots are removed after proper investigation, then the number of Twitter users will come down drastically. The income of social media companies is based on the number of their users.

The dilemma also abounds in the electric vehicle (EV) industry, especially the battery-operated two-wheelers. In the struggle to save the environment and bring down the level of global warming, the government started a campaign to promote Electric Vehicles at a mass level. The governments (center and states) accelerated work towards setting up of battery replacement and charging stations at many places and highways across the country.

Talking Points Narvijay YadavBut in the past, incidents of fire and blast in battery-operated two-wheelers have occurred in many places. These incidents have taken a toll on EV manufacturers. After the batteries caught fire one after the other, the government became vigilant and instructed the EV manufacturers to improve the quality of the batteries and recall all the faulty EVs. Till now, the batteries received from China were being used indiscriminately, which were made according to the cold climate, however, in India hot weather is the norm.

These batteries started exploding in the hot weather. Companies making electric two-wheelers will now have to spend more money to improve the quality, as well as improve the technology of the batteries. On the other hand, the supply of raw materials is already being disrupted due to the Ukraine war raged by Russia. As a result, the price of EVs is bound to increase in the coming months.

In order to protect the Himalayan environment, the National Green Tribunal (NGT) has been taking various measures in the hilly regions of Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, and elsewhere. As per the order of the NGT, only 1200 vehicles per day can be given permits for passing through the Rohtang pass. This high pass, located near Manali in Himachal Pradesh, was getting a lot of air pollution due to diesel and petrol operated motor vehicles.

That’s why the Tribunal had to impose such a ban. When the heat rises in the plains, people turn towards Manali, Rohtang, and Atal Tunnel. Advance booking is going on for the Rohtang permit. Electric buses are also being operated by the district administration to go to Rohtang, as the diesel-powered vehicles cause pollution which damages the delicate ecology of the Himalayas.

The writer is a senior journalist & columnist.
Twitter @NarvijayYadav

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