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Move to Change India into Bharat won’t be an easy process – by Inder Mohan Singh

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‘The Move will face a lot of problems practically before it gets legally enforced’

Delhi, Sept 8, 2023 (Yes Punjab News)
Inder Mohan Singh, President of Dashmesh Sewa Society (Regd) while  appreciating the government’s move to change ‘India’ to the words ‘Bharat’  said that though this changing process appears to be easy but practically it will face lot of problems before it is legally enforced. He said that lakhs of government departments have to issue Gazette notifications about change of their names.

Apart from changing the sign boards of lakhs of these offices, all the unused letter heads, certificates, other stationery and valuable articles worth multi-crores of rupees lying in these offices under the banner of ‘Government of India’ will have to be destroyed and fresh stationery and other important articles worth multi-crores will have to be printed afresh using the word ‘Government of Bharat’.

Mr Inder Mohan Singh said that likewise multi-crores currency notes printed by the ‘Reserve Bank of India’ will be out of circulation and new currency will be printed by the ‘Reserve Bank of Bharat’.  He said that if the U.N.O. approves this change, in that event the passports issued to crores of citizen of the country by the ‘Republic of India’ will not be recognized by other countries and only passports issued by the ‘Republic of Bharat’ will be validly accepted abroad.

Mr Inder Mohan Singh said that no government raised any objection about the word ‘India’ in the last more than 66 years since independence, but now suddenly the move of the government to change this word to ‘Bharat’ citing the word ‘India’ as given by the Englishman cannot be treated as fully justified.

Mr Singh asked whether the ‘Right Hand Drive’ used by U.K. will be converted to ‘Left Hand Drive’ in India ? He said that as per media rumours, it appears that the Government is avoiding the word ‘India’ and to weaken the recently formed united opposition group named as ‘I.N.D.I.A.’

If so, then the opposition groups  should come forward to change the name of their alliance group from ‘I.N.D.I.A.’ to some other suitable name, so as to avoid this ongoing controversy. Mr Inder Mohan Singh asked whether government is capable to bear multi-crores expenditure on this name changing process on its own or the entire burden will be shifted to the shoulder of general public?

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