Modi’s letter a nasty joke, Jakhar asks PM to instead help people in distress

Chandigarh, 30 May, 2020 (Yes Punjab News)
Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee President Mr. Sunil Jakhar termed the open-letter written by Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi on the occasion of completion of one year of NDA government to the people of the country as a nasty joke.

He said that people across the country and all the state governments were seeking financial help from the Union government but the PM remained unaware of the realities. “Due to continuous lockdown for two and a half months, it has become difficult for every section of the society to manage the capital to meet their daily needs.

However, the state governments are also in a severe economic crisis as their sources of income were nose-diving. In such a situation, everyone was expecting some relief from the Prime Minister, but the Modi Ji has once again written a letter to salt the wounds of the people, Jakhar said.

PPCC chief said that the so-called package of Rs. 20 lakh crore being promoted by the government was in fact involves only Rs. 1.83 lakh crore and had nothing to do with farmers and low income people. The conomy of the country was in dire straits and the Union Government was on a completely disoriented path which had no policy or intention to lead the country, he added.

Mr. Jakhar said that the Modi led govt should immediately come forward to provide financial assistance to the people. He reminded the BJP led govt that the country is made up of the people and the Union government needs to take the essence of the people.

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