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Make anytime your spa time

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New Delhi, July 26, 2021- As the pandemic rages on, it is causing adverse effects on one’s emotional and mental state. It is important now more than ever to undertake your self-care as a priority. This means the old once-in-a-while hobby or an occasional visit to the spa is no longer valid.

“It is a lifestyle, a practice, a regime. Issuing strict boundaries in terms of time and religiously devoting focus on yourself can go a long way,” says Stuti Sethi, Brand Manager, Plum BodyLovin’ and shares few tips to make anytime your spa time.

Plan your spa time. Set the mood

Make sure you block out time for yourself on a daily or regular basis. This means as little as 20 minutes a day for a love session devoted to you. Light an aromatic candle, use an aroma diffuser with fragrant essential oils and get your detox on. Speaking of detox, add cucumber, lemon slices along with a few mints leaves into freshwater as an enjoyable healthy beverage that compliments your ‘me-time’!

Unplug and snug

‘Me-time’ means unplugging from the outside world and the judgment of social media; being comfortable in your skin. Create your safe spa space at home as a no-tech zone. Keep your phone, tablets, laptops outside or far away from you. This ensures no distractions and your focus is only on you. Me-time also comes with a dress code: Be snug and comfy! Kick it in your most cosy jammies or a comfy rob.

Exfoliate & Cleanse

Exfoliation is usually the first step in a beauty regime. This means, scrubbing away dead skin cells to unclog pores, prevent acne, allow other products to penetrate deeper, and above all, leave the skin glowing. Body Scrubs rich in cherry, cocoa, vanilla do wonders to wash away pollutants, toxins, nasties and dead skin cells. Massage your face, body, feet, and hands in circular motions to improve circulation and leave your skin feeling fresh, nourished, and clean. The perfect way to end your day.

Masking & Meditation

Meditating while soaking in a mask for your hair or face is a great way to re-centre yourself. Spend that time realigning your goals and setting a tone for the next day while the mask works its magic. You could also practice positive affirmations or breathing exercises while listening to calming music or chants.

While selecting a hair mask, make sure it aims to resolve issues that plague your hair and face. Ingredients such as olive, macadamia, coconut oil, avocado oil, or extracts from green tea do wonders for a variety of hair concerns such as dandruff, split-ends, and hair fall. Depending on sun exposure, pollutants, age, and diet, the skin on your face may have different needs altogether. Use products rich in aloe vera, coconut oil, green tea or coffee to counter tans, closed pores, lines, wrinkles, spots and pigmentation to ensure a naturally glowing face.

Seal the Deal with a moisture lock

Locking in moisture is the vital step to end your spa day with. Oils, butter and creams go a long way to seal in all the love you have shown your skin. Make sure to lather on a high-quality body oil, creme or butter that is rich in coconut, jojoba, or rosehip leaving your skin soft and radiant for hours.

Love Thy Tips & Toes

Even well-planned regimes miss this step out sometimes. It has long been the practice of using a regular moisturizer for hands and feet or none at all. Often ignored, your extremities need love! Lather on hand and foot creams that boast of shea butter, Brazil nut oil, sunflower oil, coconut and passion fruit extract. These creams tend to melt into the skin as they are super moisturizing and have a lightweight formula.

Finishing touches

Using chemicals in deoderants or perfumes after this regime is needless and redundant. Try to avoid products that have chemicals, sulphates and toxins that are harmful to your skin.

Vegan-based underarm creams are rich in kaolin, green tea oil, and cocoa butter. This aids in not just mask the odour but also eliminates it. Body Mists that are Phthalate-free formulae and Infused with aloe juice keep skin irritation away and leave you feeling fresh and ready to take on your responsibilities!  (Agency)

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