Mafias & Corruption cost 25k Cr to State annually: Aman Arora writes to Manpreet Badal

Chandigarh, Nov 25, 2019 (Yes Punjab News)
AAP MLA from Sunam Aman Arora wrote a letter to FM Manpreet Singh Badal, urging him to look and plan beyond 2 years when GST compensation to States by Centre will cease.

Arora said that what bothers him is the fact is that if the State’s fiscal health sees a red with a delay in compensation worth mere Rs 4100 Crore, then how is State going to survive after 2 years.

Elaborating the state of finances and debt on the state, Arora said that it is unfortunate that in last 10 years of SADBJP rule Punjab’s debt rose from 51000 to 182000 Crore that is at the rate of 13000 Cr annually whereas during the present Congress Govt it rose from 182000 to 230000 Cr that is Rs 16000 Cr annually and still the CM or the FM have miserably failed to give a long term blueprint or roadmap to bring the state’s economy back on the track and the loot and corruption continues unabated.

In his letter , Arora urged the Finance Minister that being the custodian of the State’s Exchequer and answerable to future generations, to prevail upon the CM and his Cabinet colleagues to become sensitive towards the fiscal health of the state and instead of patronizing Mining, Liquor, Transport and Power mafias and other corrupt practices should uproot these mafias which alone can annually mop up additional around 25000 Cr to the exchequer which like the previous regime, continues to go the pockets of Political-Official-Mafia’s Nexus.

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