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Ludhiana CP issues directives to Gold Loan Companies and other financial Institutions

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Ludhiana, February 18, 2021 (Rajkumar Sharma)
Commissioner of Police (CP) Rakesh Agrawal on Thursday issued various directives to the gold loan companies and other financial institutions for the maintenance of the law and order in the jurisdiction of commisssionerate police.

Exercising the powers vested under Section 144 of CRPC 1973, Aggarwal ordered the installation of high-quality Day-Night CCTV cameras at various points inside and outside the branches with superior DVR/NVT having remote control recording and storage facilities.

Further, he told them to install burglary alarms in the branches linked to head offices where incall message can be immediately dispatched to Ludhiana Police Commissionerate Control Room (Phone No. 78370-18500, 0161-2414932, 0161-2414933) and text messages can be automatically sent to concerned SHO, ACP, ADCP, Jt. CP and CP in case of any emergency for immediate necessary counteraction.

Moreover, the alarm must be connected to a BSNL landline phone with an autodialer in the branch he said and added that as soon as the alarm goes off, a teleprompter should automatically inform Police Control Room (Phone No. 78370-18500, 0161-2414932, 0161-2414933) regarding the suspicious activity in the branch in a pre-recorded message.

Commissioner of Police also added that the system must be able to give out loud sound alarm/hooter which should be audible to neighbouring area up to 100 meters and operate automatically in case of forceful opening or any damage to vault / strong room/currency chest.

He said that security staff must be deployed through Police verification and they must not be utilized for any other duty. Besides, the management must ensure that the main entrance is provided with shutter gates / collapsible gate/steel barricades with chain and locking arrangements.

He also ordered that important phone numbers of Police Control Room, 112, Local SHO, ACP, and ADCP must be displayed in the branches.

The orders will remain in force for the next two months.

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