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LPU students demonstrate chosen 1520 socially useful and innovative projects

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Jalandhar, April 29, 2019 (Yes Punjab News)

Learning beyond classrooms and putting their theoretical knowledge into socially useful practical aspects, students at Lovely Professional University (LPU) generate many innovative projects every year. This year, too, graduating LPU students of all streams kept excellent pace in creating thousands of projects. Out of these, chosen 1520 real- life projects undertaken and prepared by students as working models were showcased at ‘Annual Graduation Project Expo-2019’. The Expo-2019, entirely based on innovations, was organized at open arena of Baldev Raj Mittal Unipolis for all other students and visitors to see, understand and accord critical appreciation for innovative and creative spirit in students.

On one hand of the Expo, there were projects for daily utility and on the other for the whole society in general and industry in particular. Projects of immense utility & amazing innovation included Road-Pavers from Waste Plastic; Automatic Head-Lights’ Dimmer; Chatting App ‘Howdy’ particularly for blinds; Stairs scaling Cart; Machine Painting; Oxygen from Algae; Automatic Robotic Arm; Flying Farmer; AI & ML based Driverless Car; Resource-conserving (water-saving) technologies; and, more.

Head Light Dimmer: It automatically dims headlights when it senses a light beam emerging from opposite direction. It is direly needed solution in avoiding increasing accidents, especially during night time.

‘Howdy’ is a kind of android chatting app, which helps in replying and listening important messages, particularly to blind ones. Google virtual assistant is added to this app so that it can be controlled by using voice. Through it, user sends or accepts request to chat with someone.

‘Oxygen from Algae’ project is a start-up and named as ‘GloAlgeus’, which improves bad air quality (mainly carbon dioxide) by using algae, particularly in metros. In fact, 70% oxygen present on earth comes from marine algae only. Sunlight is needed for photosynthesis but algae can undergo dark photosynthesis and provides oxygen rich air, healthy food, and hygienic environment.

‘Automatic Robotic Arm’ is a mobile app oriented project which can function even in the night.

‘Gesture controlled wheelchair’ makes life easy for the physically challenged ones, who are unable to perform daily moving activities. It runs motors in forward, backward, left and right direction.

‘Automatic water Irrigation System’ is farmer-friendly and irrigates fields on sensing available water-level contents in the ground. As such, it saves a lot of water flowing waste and unnecessarily being unattended by a remote sitting farmer.

‘Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning based driverless car’ is to run after copying and judging the behaviour and driving style of the owner and road-designs. Similarly, there are many hundreds of other novel projects.

LPU Pro-Chancellor Mrs Rashmi Mittal applauded the creativity and innovation of the hard working students, who are ever eager to help the society in one or the other way. In fact LPU focuses on the practical aspects of all theories so that these may be utilized for the wants and help of the society. For this university has dedicated separate blocks and labs for different projects to be worked upon day and night, and there is spacious Innovation Studio to house all such projects. In the very first month of this year, HRD Minister Shri Prakash Javadekar had himself had a ride in the driverless bus designed and created by LPU students. Three student-teams of LPU for innovative projects were also adjudged as the winners during government run ‘Grand Finale of the ‘Startup India Punjab Yatra’ at Indian School of Business, Chandigarh.

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