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Innocent Admission

Laws are being manipulated, says Karan B Oberoi

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New Delhi, June 19, 2019-

Television actor-singer Karan B Oberoi, who was arrested in an alleged rape case, says the laws are being manipulated and some amendments need to be made in favour of men.

Karan, arrested on May 6 for allegedly raping and blackmailing an woman, was granted bail by the Bombay High Court on June 7. The woman who had lodged the complaint was arrested by the Mumbai Police on Monday.

The actor, whose arrest sparked a #MenToo movement, has said while women get the benefit of doubt, men are not even heard in most cases.

“Isn’t that true when you see the glaring number of cases that come out? Look at the support… Men are (now) coming out. When you say #MenToo, you are talking about gender neutrality. I am a strong supporter of #MeToo and a proud feminist. I believe in justice and equality. Yes, laws are being manipulated and there have to be some amendments to laws,” Karan told over phone from Mumbai.

He said something needed to be done or it might create an “imbalance in the society.”

“Men will be running scared of women, scared to talk to them, marry them, date them. That’s not the society we aspire for. We aspire for a society that has equilibrium, peace, love and harmony. A lot of people are looking for shortcuts. Don’t encourage that,” he said.

Karan, who made his acting debut with Mahesh Bhatt’s TV serial “Swabhimaan” and later became a member of A Band of Boys in 2001, said he didn’t mind being a “poster boy” of a movement that spoke of justice.

In an FIR lodged on May 4, the 34-year-old woman had alleged that Karan raped her in 2017 on the pretext of marriage, filmed the act and then extorted money by threatening to make the video go viral.

“We share moral and social responsibilities. More importantly, we have responsibilities as good human beings. Before beginning with a lynch mob mode, we should do a thorough investigation, and be careful, because we are talking about a life here,” he said, asserting how such false cases could ruin someone’s life in a stroke.

Is he apprehensive that the accusations and the arrest may affect his career?

“No, not at all. If you look at the plethora of support I have got, it was amazing. Everyone who knows me or remotely knew me, was standing in solidarity. Why am I here today? It’s because of the people who were fighting for truth. But there are a lot of other people who have suffered and are consistently suffering even in the jail,” he said.

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