Knowledge and Condition – Confusion to Clarity – by Canny Gogia

Remember the school days. Typical words of so many teachers ,” You are physically here, mentally somewhere else. Now I realize we , the human beings can live in two kinds of worlds. For example a speaker is addressing to the group of participants. Among them, some are listening while others might be thinking, wandering and lost in their imagination.

So whatever is applicable to us as an individual is applicable to mankind in general. An amazing picture of a human being simultaneously living two kinds of lives. One is that you are sitting here and other is that you are thinking about something else. The first one involves your physicality and the other involves your mental frame. Your physical and mental frames both belong to you.

Normally what we have understood till today is the very fact that which really means our physical presence, is known as reality. Whereas that which is imagined, the gang of thoughts is called ‘the mind.’ Isn’t it a pleasure to be in Bollywood/Hollywood, Disneyland, Switzerland, with your love interest, in the comforts of your home or any other place you are attached or attracted by?

Now can you see this that even though you would be sitting here, it is possible for the mind to be at a totally different place? Then where is a reality? Reality is that which is…. Reality is that even when you stop believing it doesn’t fade away. Rest everything is imagination. This imaginary aspect of us is what we call the ‘mind’. The addition of brain and intelligence is called Mind.

Lets compare brain with a fan. Sounds funny?

Brain —Product of Evolution, Just like a computer hard disk, Automatic, Prone to Conditioning, Like the Fan.

Yes, Brain is like the fan in the sense that it’s totally material. Switching on and switching off ensures the workability of the fan. Fan doesn’t have any intelligence or will of its own.It is a slave to the command of the outside source. So is our brain.

Just look at the fan. Isn’t it very efficient? It keeps working all the time. But does it work according to its own understanding or at its free will? Does the fan know what is going on in its machinary? Does the fan understand what electricity is, what electromagnetism is, Faraday’s law, Ampere’s law, anything? Does it understand all this? Yet it keeps working. How it keeps working? It keeps working according to the design provided to it by the external forces.

Who is responsible for providing it such a design. Of course, Man who is an external force to the fan. The Fan is just a mechanical device which is a slave of others, very efficient but dumb. Anyone can switch it on and off. It’s mechanical and dumb, hence can be used and sometimes even exploited also (over use of it).

Now consider everything that applies to the fan also applies to the brain. There is one significant difference. The difference is memory chip. Fan does not have a memory chip, the brain has a memory chip as well. So the fan cannot recall the rotations of yesterday. Yes, you can design a fan with a memory chip.

You can have a fan that can keep registering what is happening day in and day out, and after one year when you will take that chip out, it will have all the data accumulated in it. That on which particular day how many hours of rotation was there, at what time, at what speed, all that can be done, right? That’s not at all difficult. Then it’ll become exactly like the brain.

Now, what do we mean by conditioning? If we’ve come close to the brain then we must also understand conditioning, which is something very very simple. So what is conditioning?

You see, I take a blade of this fan and and I bend it, and I leave it, will it go back to its original shape? Possibly No. It’ll remain bent. So, a particular event in time, a particular experience has left a permanent mark on this machine, this is called conditioning. Something interesting!

You pass through an experience, and that experience leaves a permanent scar on the mind. In fact, you could say that you couldn’t completely pass through the experience, the residue of the experience is left. And that residue is called conditioning. On the other hand, had this been, let’s says made of rubber or sponge, and then had we stretched it, it would have got back, and that is what is called as elasticity.

Whereas this property of the brain that it keeps registering everything and every experience that it undergoes leaves a permanent mark on it is called plasticity of the brain. And that plasticity itself is the source of conditioning.

In the sense that whatever happens to you day in and day out leaves a scar, a mark, a stain on the mind. This is conditioning. So you pass through an experience, and what does that experience give- knowledge. So, now that you’re understanding the brain, you must also understand knowledge.

Knowledge is the mark of any experience or memory.

You go through an experience, and the memory of that experience is called knowledge. And all knowledge is necessarily from the past

Now the question is that if knowledge is the mark of an experience, if we will pass through experience (no residue) then the conditioning would be there or not?

So in this case Knowledge would still be there but the conditioning would not be there.

Knowledge is the recollection of the past. So yes, there can be Knowledge without conditioning. Because the knowledge is the memory of an experience, whereas conditioning is permanent deformation that is caused in the brain due to an experience.

For example, today when you were going to your work place/ college, you see what is the scene on the road. Some activities, events, traffic etc… Now, the memory of those events is what is called knowledge.

But in case you see an accident, and in that accident you see, let’s say, that couple of people are sobbing on the road and nobody is coming to help them, and that experience leaves this mark that people are cruel and nobody helps somebody in need, that world is an insecure place. Then this is called conditioning.

Memory is the recollection of the sequence of events, that is called knowledge. Whereas if that knowledge is not just data, not just information, and is leaving the permanent mark on the thinking process itself, then that is called conditioning.

So it is very important to focus on your experiences in life. Keep meeting great people who can bring difference in your life. Be spiritual and know more about the laws of nature and their working. Be responsible for creating empowering experiences in your life. Above all operate from a clean state. How to do this? This I’ll take up in my further articles.

Jasdeep Kaur Aka Canny Gogia
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