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Kim Kardashian called ‘fraud’ after flaunting daughter North’s sunset painting

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Kim has been accused of lying  after she showed off a painting made by her daughter North West

Los Angeles, Sep 23, 2023- Reality TV star Kim Kardashian has been accused of lying about her child’s talent.

The reality TV star has been called a “fraud” and “liar” by social media users after she showed off a stunning sunset painting made by her daughter North West, reports

The mother of four took to her Instagram page on Wednesday, September 20 to brag about her eldest child’s painting skills.

Letting out a picture of the finished project, she raved in the caption, “North has been working on this sunset landscape painting for a few weeks and it turned out so beautiful. I’m so proud of my baby.”

However, social media users couldn’t believe that the 10-year-old girl was able to create such beautiful artwork.

Sharing their two cents on Kim’s post, one person wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter, “Cap, on cap, on cap, on cap, on a million caps….”

A skeptical person weighed in, “I dunno man.. I don’t wanna underestimate young talent but these kardashians are liars and frauds.”

A third added, “Her a** did NOT paint that,” while someone else insisted, “kimberly that little girl did not make this bffr,” referring to Kim’s real name.

Others wanted proof as one demanded, “I need a time-lapse video of her creating these paintings.”

Similarly, another pointed out, “Loooooool until I seen an unedited video of her painting it I just don’t believe it.” One other sarcastically responded, “My toddler got his license today.”

However, a few have come to Kim’s defense, claiming that a child can make such painting with lessons.

“I don’t get the haters……she’s 9 or 10. I was painting like this at that age. I’m sure she has a good art teacher too. It’s a beautiful painting!” one of the defenders responded to the critics.

Another shared: “All the bitter people claiming North West did not paint this clearly never heard of Bob Ross. With a good procedural art teacher, it is very doable for a child to produce a painting like this, especially if it’s a landscape, and especially if that child has been taking lessons for years, which North has.”

This isn’t the first time Kim has been accused of lying after showing off his daughter’s artwork. Back in 2021, the SKIMS founder shared a picture of North’s oil landscape painting on her Instagram Story, and called her then-7-year-old daughter “her little artist.”

After her Story was inundated with negative comments, she hit back at the haters. “DON’T PLAY WITH ME WHEN IT COMES TO MY CHILDREN,” she wrote in a separate Story.

She then explained that her daughter and her best friend Ryan “have been taking a serious oil search painting class where their talents and creativity are being encouraged and nurtured.”

“North worked incredibly hard on her search painting with took several weeks to complete. As a proud mom, I wanted to share her work with everyone,” the older sister of Khloe Kardashian continued explaining. “I’m seeing op-ed pieces in the media and social media from grown adults breaking down whether or not my child actually search painted this.”

Kim went on to slam, “How dare you see children doing awesome things and then try to accuse them of NOT being awesome? Please stop embarrassing yourselves with the negativity and allow every child to be GREAT!” She then concluded her message by stressing, “NORTH WEST search PAINTED THAT PERDIOTDDDABCDEFGZFDT!!!!” (Agency)

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