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Kejriwal shows the way – by TS Chawla

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Arvind Kejriwal has turned out to be the real champion of the total politics of the country, hitting a hatrick in the Delhi assembly election defeating the roaring lion BJP by a massive margin.

The inevitability of the defeat of BJP was created by their polarizing, divisive, facist and dangerous attitude adopted while campaigning under the intoxication and wrongly assessed impression that they would comfortably win as they were ruling the centre with two-third majority. The entire confidence of BJP was shattered with the human and pro-people policies and development rendered by Kejriwal during his previous tenure.

In the last term AAP benefited the people of Delhi with free Water and free Electricity upto liveable capacity, treatment free for any disease and education free, and what else one wants to enjoy to live an easy life and his focus was entirely on the development of the people from all sides and he has added more facilities for people in store for the next tenure including the transport free to the ladies.

On other side BJP which was generating new stories against Kejriwal. Even Kejriwal was declared as the terrorist and anti-national creating the fake evidences. The total campaign by the BJP was full of all lies, heaps of fake manufactured stories, a foul smell was coming from their words and their strategies were so ruthless and no body believed in any of it, all rallies of theirs were a show of circus.

The country is aflame with anti CAA and anti NRC and a huge ladies protest mostly Muslim ladies has been going on for the last two months day and night and BJP alleged that is due to the effort of Congress and Kejriwal. BJP could not dare to talk to those ladies but Amit Shah Home Minister of the country once campaigning shouted that press the button while voting so strong the current must touch protestors of Shaheen Bagh.

BJP put all its MPs and some Chief Ministers of the State, lacs of workers in the exercise of campaigning no doubt all rallies addressed by Prime Minister and home minister were hugely attended and it sounded wrong echoes in the minds of the BJP and other people also that BJP would do well but their total game was hacked by the indecent and vulgar propaganda against AAP where as Kejriwal and co never used any foul language they only presents their future development agenda and revealed past achievements.

The most attractive utterance of Kejriwal that if you think I have done good work then vote for me otherwise not. It emotionally touched the voters. The victory of Kejriwal gives real signal that Indian people cannot be cheated for longer time with false promises and created fake achievements.

Delhi is the capital of country and people of it are fully aware what is true in politics and seeing is the believing exercise. Worst humiliating defeat of BJP has created commotion and blame game and charges levelling and counter charges leveling has started BJP President Mr Nadda is busy cleaning his sweat from the face.

With the defeat of BJP in Delhi which was the sole focus of BJP to wrest it by all means and that reason the entire clan of BJP worked and the main problem that occurred that the entire programme was wrongly channelised under unethical stage performing.

It was just a melodrama by BJP which enthralled the audience. Kejriwal is now a political unbeaten hero and he has won Janta with his humility. This defeat is a big lesson for BJP and they should cure their wounds bearing with it and accepting their folly for wrong managing show.

Congress is developing fissures after the defeat of BJP as P Chidambram former finance minister congratulating Kejriwal for victory is faced with condemnation of his attitude towards his own party Congress which stands with duck as in previous election also.

A lady Congress leader daughter of Pranabh Mukherji has blamed, Chidambram of outsourcing pleasure for others and not bothering about their party to mend and she appealed if so why not close our shop (Congress offices) and party Chief spokesperson Surjewala appealed to the Congressmen to think of future of the party welfare and not to indulge in blame game.

Congress which ruled Delhi for fifteen years under Sheila Dixit as Chief Minister and contributed handsomely in the development of the capital. Congress Derailment should be addressed up properly. Congress leaders are proposing to Sonia Gandhi a hallmark strategy to uplift the congress.

Amit Shah Home Minister of the country who predicted big victory for the BJP in assembly in Delhi is sweeping dust of blame from his clothes he regretted that ‘goli maro politics’ was wrong mentioned in the campaign by Anurag Thakur, State Finance Minister and he admitted that some blunders have been done but I firmly analyse that the campaign was totally blunderful and it would have been better if BJP party sitting at home without any campaign would have made an humble appeal for votes I am sure the party would have achieved double the seats they have got now.

BJP every leader whosoever jumped in the campaign process wanted to show charisma it went all the astray and obviously with this defeat BJP has lost unimaginable political treasure and it is feared to recover all this the apologetic attitude has started. Janta of the country has been matured by the falsifications of the performances of the BJP party.

With all summing up I say this is irreligiousity on the part of the party who have adopted to propel the Hindutava in the country. Hindusim is very sacred and ancient religion which should not be distorted by painting it with spurious additions and so many minority religions have emanated from it now the best policy for the BJP to rule fulfilling the real needs to the country, absorbing the unemployed, doing for farmers elevating the underprivileged and above let the equality of social status prevail in the country so that no body should feel ignored as resident of India and the entire party cadre should be so humble they must be conversant with the true duties of theirs but they have developed arrogance it is because of over excitement of power in them.

Parties which were the Target of BJP like TMS, RJD and left have gained spirits with the defeat of BJP and believable Anti-BJP wave may occur and to stop it like as Amit Shah has shown regrets and this is wise politically to open the blind alley. In the upcoming assembly elections in West Bengal and Bihar now BJP may suffer and to get protected from it BJP will have to stop the divisive politics and must treat all religions equally.

AAP Victory has been celebrated worldwide and in UK and USA it was celebrated with enthusim. In USA one lady praising Kejriwal shouted he will be next Prime Minister of India.

Now, Kejriwal’s next target is Punjab and there is red alert for Congress which is ruling the State with comfortable majority. Three holders of Punjab Congress power Captain Amarinder Singh, Chief Minister and Sunil Jhakhar, Congress President of the State and Asha Kumari deputed by the central Congress to look after the affairs of the Congress in the State.

Punjab politics is very complicated now and there is not decisiveness of any political party and there are so many groups trying to achieve the political power and old Akali Sad party has gone very weak with the quitting of party by stalwarts Sukhdev Singh Dhandsa, Rajya Sabha member and his son Parminder Dhindsa, former Finnce Minister blaming the Badals for destroying the State ruling for much longer tenure.

Amrinder Singh is faced with lot of latent opposition because of the no action against the culprits of the sacrilege of Guru Granth Sahib at Bargari and then incident of Behbal Kalan where two young men were gunned down by the Punjab police in the firing while demonstrating against the sacrilege of the holy Granth.

And Justice Ranjit Singh Commission findings had no effect on Captain Amarinder Singh and Sikhs of the State are angry over the issue which is still waiting to give the punishment to the culprits, Badals.

Sikh of the State smell that there is some agreement between Amarinder and Badals, he is not keeping his promise of punishing the Badals. Moreover, the Amarinder governance is not at all par excellence as majority of MLAs are there and his control over his administration is not praise worthy and he not proving to be comfortably accessible and he has deployed a jumbo teams for dealing with the public who are also inaccessible.

Punjab administration goes naturally and automatically as there is no danger from any party but if the Kejriwal put his focus on Punjab for winning and without any doubt he is capable for this AAP party is second in position in Punjab and situation would have been different if Akalis would have not channelized its vote bank towards Congress in the last assembly elections as the Akalis were quite scared of AAP party and this step they took to restricts AAP from coming into power in Punjab otherwise AAP voice was very heavy in the state, about this Sukhbir Badal takes the credit of Congress rule in the state and perhaps this is the root of agreement between Amarinder and Badals. It may be recalled a group of NRIs also turned up Punjab at that time to support Kejriwal.

Captain Amarinder will have to strive very hard to save the Congress face in the state as the enemies are so many and within the Congress people donot speak in public but talk in private against him and his dictorial attitude, main drawback of inaccebility is itself a dictatorship why he is not improving it when he knows in politics it is in hot demand in a democracy as we are.

TS ChawlaAmarinder has not issued any order of easy connect between officers or his advisors for the comfort of people. He knows it well. Navjot Singh Sidhu and Congress stalwart Partap Singh Bajwa are sitting at fence to target Amarinder. Kejriwal also adopted this attitude and he is meeting and calling back all his angered men. This is real way to bust the tensions.

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