Jalandhar’s Patel Hospital to refund ‘overcharged’ Rs.3.28 lakh for Covid Tests of 106 patients

Jalandhar, September 23, 2020 (Yes Punjab News)

The Patel hospital had erroneously ‘overcharged’ Rs 3.28 lakh from 106 OPD patients undergone for RT-PCR Covid test in its premises. The management of Patel Hospital has assured the district administration that it would refund this excess charged amount back to 106 OPD patients.

Deputy Commissioner Ghanshyam Thori had ordered a probe over a complaint filed by a citizen that Patel Hospital had charged Rs 5,500 for the test on July 21 despite the government had fixed maximum charges for the test, including taxes, at Rs 2,400. Following his order, Assistant Commissioner Randeep Gill conducted a detailed probe in the incident and found the lapse on the part of hospital.

Disclosing more, Deputy Commissioner Ghanshyam Thori said that the management of Patel Hospital has given undertaking to refund Rs 3.28 lakh, the excess charged amount to all of 106 OPD patients.

Further, he said that the hospital will set aside the equal amount in a separate account to give relief to the poor and needy patients.

He said that the management admitted it was not aware about the notification of government fixing the rate of RTPCR test at Rs 2400.

It is pertinent to mention here that in his complaint to the Deputy Commissioner, Rajiv Makol, a resident of GTB Nagar had stated that he had been charged Rs 5500 for the Covid-19 test by the Patel Hospital, for which the rate had been capped by the state government at Rs2400. The inquiry had found the hospital had levied extra charges of Rs 3100 in violation of the government order.

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