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Jacqueline Fernandez to play ‘Mrs. Serial Killer’, Netflix project to have no song, no dance

New Delhi, April 29, 2019 –

Farah Khan’s films are known for their elaborate song and dance sequences — something also common to the movies that Jacqueline Fernandez, the lead actress of the choreographer-filmmaker’s next production “Mrs. Serial Killer”, does. But this new project won’t have any of it.

“Mrs. Serial Killer” is written and directed by Farah’s husband Shirish Kunder. It will go live on streaming platform Netflix later this year.

The film will mark Jacqueline and Farah’s foray into the digital world.

Why was Jacqueline cast in the film?

“It is about a girl next door. When Jacqueline and Shirish met and discussed it, she said that she was also hunting for something to do something she had never done before,” Farah told IANS over phone.

The 54-year-old filmmaker, known for movies like “Main Hoon Na” and “Om Shanti Om”, says “Mrs. Serial Killer” does not have any song, dance and no item number.

“It’s a pretty cool role for her. She is also pretty excited. It’s a big step to make her digital debut, especially when she is on top of her game right now. It is very commendable and brave of her to be a little bit ahead of time.”

The project also marks Farah’s debut into the digital zone.

She finds it quite exciting.

“Everything has to be accounted for and everything has to be planned and given to Netflix much in advance… You have to be very well-planned and organised. I am a control freak. For us, it is better because in the long run it saves you a lot of time and money,” she said.

Farah Khan is also all for no censorship on the digital medium.

In a recent interview, superstar Salman Khan had said there should be censorship for content on the digital space and that there should be an appointed body for the purpose.

Asked what she thinks about his views, Farah said: “I truly don’t believe in censorship. I believe in ‘aap certificate dedo’ (give a certificate) and write down if it is a 13+, 16+ or 18+ (rating).”

“Give it a rating and people can judge it for themselves… When anything and everything is censored, what is art for me may be censorable for you… You can just give it a rating. That’s what I believe in.”  (Agency)

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