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Is Modi scared or ashamed to utter Indira Gandhi’s name, asks Shiv Sena

Mumbai, Dec 18, 2021- In a sharp attack, the Shiv Sena on Saturday pointedly asked whether Prime Minister Narendra Modi is “scared or ashamed” of uttering the late PM Indira Gandhi’s name during the recent 50 years celebrations of the liberation of Bangladesh.

The Sena also took note that President R. N. Kovind visited Dhaka for the victory celebrations but did not even mention the name of Bangladesh’s creator, Indira Gandhi there.

“By ignoring Indira in such a manner you can write neither the history of India nor the world. But who will explain this to such narrow-minded rulers of our country. Its an insult to woman-power,” the Sena asked in a stinging edit in the party newspapers, ‘Saamana’ and ‘Dopahar Ka Saamana’.

The Sena said its 50 years since the Bangladesh War of 1971 was won by India, and the sacrifices of our brave soldiers was remembered, but Modi “did not show the courtesy” of even making a mention of Indira Gandhi on December 16.

“If Indira Gandhi had not shown guts, Pakistan would never have been taught a lesson of a lifetime. She divided Pakistan into two pieces and effectively avenged the Partition of India in 1947,” the edit said.

Even the then leader of Jan Sangh, and later the PM Atal Behari Vajpayee hailed Indira Gandhi as a ‘Durga’ and the entire world saluted the bravery of Hindustan.

“After Bangladesh, she emerged as a powerful world leader, with a clear warning that if you look at India with crooked eyes, we shall break you into pieces. When she achieved the feat, the current ruler in New Delhi may have been kids in bed,” the Sena said lavishing praises on Indira Gandhi’s prowess.

Taking another swipe at Modi, the Sena said a ruler can build temples or buildings and clean up a river, “but cannot dismember Pakistan to create a Bangladesh” which only Indira Gandhi had the courage to do.

“Instead of indulging in ‘surgical strikes’, Indira Gandhi ordered a direct attack by the Indian Army to teach Pakistan a lesson. Even the Indian Airforce and Indian Navy were used, Karachi Port was destroyed,” the Sena added.

Finally 90,000 Pakistani soldiers surrendered before India on December 16, 1971, and it was only Indira Gandhi who was the ‘power’ behind that victory, and nobody could ever attempt a pathetic defeat of Pakistan since then, hence forgetting her is akin to ignoring Mother India.

On the other hand, the Kargil War (1999) took place on Indian soil and to drive out the Pakistani infiltrators, 1,500 of our soldiers were sacrificed in their motherland, “yet we celebrate it as ‘Vijay Divasa’,” the Sena pointed out.

“Today, the Chinese Army has entered Ladakh and we are unable to push them back, while in 1971, the entire world was stunned by the valour displayed by a Hindu woman who made even the US retreat when it came to help Pakistan.”

“The 1971 War bestowed the ‘real identity of India’ to the world. It was pettiness on the part of the current leaders not to acknowledge the courage of Indira Gandhi. You may have ideological differences with the Congress, but showing hatred towards leaders who built the country is not the sign of a ‘true Hindustani’,” the Sena said.

“The edits showed how the BJP sought votes in elections by beating the drums of surgical strike, but now China has entered, Nepal, Afghanistan are also our adversaries and the country is surrounded by guns on all four borders.

At such a time, it’s the memory of Indira Gandhi’s historic victory in the 1971 Bangladesh War that will always serve to inspire,” the Sena said.  (Agency)

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