Imran Khan says couldn’t have survived without wife Bushra Bibi

Islamabad, Oct 31, 2020-
Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan said he could not have survived without his wife Bushra bibi, adding that she has great wisom.

Bushra Bibi is Khan’s third wife, who he married six months before assuming office as Prime Minister.

Khan made the remarks while speaking to German magazine Der Spiegel, Geo News reported

“I discuss everything with her. Problems I face in the government, dealing with complex situations.

“Only a fool doesn’t talk about everything with his wife,” he was quoted as saying.

The Prime Minister described his wife as his “soulmate and companion”, adding: “I would not have survived without her.”

Khan frequently praises his wife for her wisdom.

Upon the completion of PTI government’s first 100 days, he credited her for handling “such a difficult life” with grace. (Agency)

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