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I’m not too obsessed as a singer: Amaal Mallik

New Delhi, Aug 24, 2019-

Young composer Amaal Mallik has given many hit Bollywood compositions including “Sooraj dooba hain” and “Main hoon hero tera”. Although there were times when he went behind the microphone, Amaal says he isn’t obsessed about singing his compositions.

Since his debut in Bollywood in 2014 as a composer, Amaal has worked with numerous singers with different voice textures. Barring a few like “O Khuda”, he has hardly sung his own songs.

“It all depends on what the song demands. I never jump on to a song and say ‘I will only sing it’. I am not too obsessed as a singer. I am happy being a composer. I love collaborating with different voices,” Amaal told.

“I have worked with Arijit Singh, Armaan Malik, KK, Sonu Nigam, Shreya Ghoshal, Shaan, Vishal Dadlani, Mika and others. It depends on the melody and what kind of voice will suit that song.”

Taking the example of “Aashiq surrender hua” from “Badrinath Ki Dulhania”, he shared that when he sang it, his voice went well with actor Varun Dhawan on whom it was picturised.

“It was going well with what Varun was saying and performing on screen, so I let it go. Even (producer) Karan Johar and (director) Shashank Khaitan felt that the voice was suiting his age. I don’t jump on to singing every song of mine because I feel that will make my music repetitive,” he explained.

“Bollywood mostly records at least 7 to 8 voices and chooses from there. I don’t work like that. Once my composition is ready, if I have someone in my head… which person will sing the song, I call that particular singer,” he added.

It’s not like he hates singing.

“I am also doing non-film songs. I sing and compose songs that suit my tonality and style,” he said.

On his style as a singer, he said: “It is more about heart and soul. My singing is not Hindustani classical or too western. It is a balance of Indian and western music. That’s the kind of music I grew up on.

“I am someone who idolises KK a lot. His style of singing is very heartfelt and straight, not showy. He has more soul,” he said praising the “Tadap tadap” hitmaker with whom he worked on the recently released film “Badla”.

Would he call himself a better composer or singer?

“I think I will always be a better composer. The best singer in the family will be Armaan,” he said referring to his brother.

“I listen to a lot of music and learn singing that way. In the capacity of a singer, I am 70-80 percent.”

Amaal also feels it is difficult for young composers to make a mark in the industry.

“When I did about good 20-30 songs, that’s when senior singers and composers started noticing my work. There is a difference when you make good music and people love it. That obviously gives you a high, but people who are elder and have been in the industry for decades… when they start appreciating your work, that’s when you feel really special,” he said.

“I remember when I did a few songs for the movie ‘Azhar’, Armaan had sung ‘Bol do na zara’. Sonu had also sung one song for the film. That time KK sir had messaged me saying that he loved my work. That’s when we connected.”  (Agency)

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