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Hit hard by drugs crises, corona warrior battles for life

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Jaipur, April 20, 2021-
This is the story of a 37-year-old corona warrior, who is a doctor by profession and is currently battling for life on a ventilator, awaiting medicines which could have improved his health. However, the delayed availability of the drugs is raising questions on the respect and regards shown to corona warriors by both the Central and the state government.

Anuj Sharma, father of a six-year-old girl, was admitted on April 14 in Fortis Hospital of Jaipur after Covid struck him on April 13. His wife, a senior official with the Railways, and daughter, are also infected, and isolated.

His parents, based in Jalandhar, were informed of his critical health on Sunday and they reached midnight on Sunday. They are staying in a railways guest house but unable to meet their daughter-in-law, son or granddaughter, as all three are infected.

On April 14, Anuj’s CT score was 7, on 15th, he wanted Remdesivir, but the injections were not available.

“After running from pillar to post, he got the injection the next day, however his CT score went up to 13 and again Remdesivir was not available when required,” said his friend, Rateesh who is a doctor as well.

“Corona warriors have been discussed far and wide but look at their plight. They can’t even avail medicines when required. If this is the plight of a doctor, imagine the plight of a common man. The government has floated a policy to hold the medicine stock, but why can’t the hospital like Fortis be trusted at this time.

“There are no beds in RUHS and hence we can’t take a critical patient there. What should we do in such a situation, leave our patient to die?” he questioned, saying it would have been better “had we not been doctors”.

“Anuj has been testing patients since September… being from a pathology background and after nine months, he too got infected, however, there is no one now to save his life,” he added.

“He is critical and we badly need Tocilizumab 400 mg iv. We were asked to go to SMS Hospital and then to Rajasthan University Hospital Services but we could not get the medicines despite travelling 30-40 km,” he lamented.

Meanwhile, a Fortis Hospital staff member said: “There is a huge demand for Remsdesivir and its supply is limited. There is a shortage of these medicines and injections… we can’t deny it but have been providing our patients the best to our availability,” he added. (Agency)

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