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Historic Gujarat mandate shows BJP can still bank on ‘Modi magic’

New Delhi, Dec 26, 2022- The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) bagged the historic win in Gujarat towards the end of 2022 which proves the Modi Magic is intact. But the crucial election are scheduled next year and a year later the Lok Sabha election. Now what to see is will Modi magic continue to work in next year and in 2024?

The BJP, which has been in power in the state for 27 years, has returned with a ‘resounding victory’ for the 7th consecutive time. In Gujarat, where the BJP maintained its supremacy, once again the ‘Modi magic’ was seen. This time 156 BJP candidates have won the elections in the 182-seat Gujarat Assembly. One thing that is clear from these results is that Narendra Modi is ‘invincible’ in Gujarat.

In 2022 Modi magic was not only seen in Gujarat but in the first half of the year BJP had made a history in Uttar Pradesh as well by retaining power the second time consecutively.

This year in 2022, the Assembly elections were held in five states and in these election results, the BJP succeeded in forming its government in four states simultaneously. Once again Yogi Adityanath formed his government in UP. BJP formed the government in Gujarat also.

In Uttarakhand too, the BJP came back, in Punjab Kejriwal’s party wiped out the Congress and BJP. The saffron party returned to power in Goa and Manipur as well. In such a situation, the year 2022 will be known for the election results of these five states.

Apart from this, in the recently held two state elections, the BJP formed its government in one and the Congress in the other.

Next year in 2023 crucial elections are on note and parallel to the G20 Meet which is also a big advantage for the BJP.

The party will be facing crucial Assembly elections in 2023 — in Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh, where it is in power, and in Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh, which it wants to wrest back power. Indications are that J.P. Nadda, whose term as president ends in January, will remain in charge in the run-up to the 2024 Lok Sabha election.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has urged the BJP leaders to ensure that India’s presidency for the G20 Summit be made an inclusive event, as it is an opportunity to showcase the country’s culture and diversity. He also asked the party leaders to make every Indian feel proud of this achievement and make them also a participant of this historic occasion.

G20 is also a great platform for the BJP to solidify the people’s confidence in its favour. The success of G20 meet is going to advantage BJP in the Lok Sabha election in 2024. The construction of the Ram Mandir’s sanctum sanctorum, where Lord Ram will be seated, is also expected to be completed by 2023-end, which the BJP hopes to milk to its advantage.  (Agency)

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