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Highlights of Budget 2020-21 presented by Punjab FM Manpreet Badal

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Chandigarh, February 28, 2020 (Yes Punjab News)
Punjab Finance Minister Manpreet Singh Badal presented Budget 2020-21 in Punjab Vidhan Sabha on Friday, February 28, 2020.

Following are the highlights of Budget proposals.


· The state’s finances are back on track. All financial indicators of Punjab are better in 2020 than they were in 2010. The fiscal situation is now under control, with the indicators going up and Punjab’s economy is better than before. The next two years will witness a substantial improvement in the lives of Punjabis.

· The State treasury remained in period of Double overdraft for 25 days in 2014-15, 7 days in 2015-16 and 16 days in 2016-17. However, during the last three years of this Government we have not had to face the unsavoury situation of going into double overdraft even for a single day

· By reducing the days of Ways and Means Advances and Overdraft, the State has been able to save interest payments of nearly Rs. 10.75 crore in 2017-18, Rs. 21.70 crore in 2018-19 and Rs. 20 crore in 2019-20 (as on 23.02.2020).

· Further, through active Debt Management, the State has been able to save another Rs. 7.50 crore by approaching the market with variable tenures and re-issuance of securities.

· Due to the efforts and sincerity of the Government that despite the subdued economic mood of the nation our Total Revenue Receipts increased by 18.80% in 2019-20 and are further expected to increase by 18.96% in 2020-21.

· A funding gap of Rs. 10,273 crore in 2017-18; a gap of Rs. 4,175 crore in 2018-19 and Rs. 2,323 crore in 2019-20 in our Budget Estimates was reported in the Budgetsof the respective years. within 3 years we are back on track and we have reached a situation where there is no funding gap for the year 2020-21.

· To boost employment and consumption, giving the much necessary impetus to the State’s economy, an increase the Capital Expenditure has been proposed to Rs. 10,280 crore which was just Rs. 4,013 crore(excluding effect of UDAY) in 2019-20 (RE).

· With the improvement in the collection of Total Revenue Receipts of the State over past two years, the ratio of Interest Payment to Total Revenue Receipts has reduced from 28.93% in 2017-18 to 26.19% in 2018-19. Further, for 2019-20 (RE) and 2020-21(BE), this ratio is expected to be 23.82% and 21.68%, respectively.

· We have also been able to continuously reduce the Debt/GSDP ratio from what weinherited i.e. from 42.75% in 2016-17 to 40.77% in 2017-18 and further reduced to 40.61% in 2018-19. Further for 2019-20 (RE) this ratio is likely to be 39.83% and for 2020-21(BE) we hope to further reduce it to 38.53%.


· The State under its flagship programme “Crop Loan Waiver Scheme” has waived off the entire crop loans of all small and marginal farmers (upto 5 acres) having loans upto Rs. 2 lakhs. For the next phase, a total allocation of Rs. 2000 crore including Rs 520 crore specifically for waiving off the loans of Landless and Farm workers is being provided during 2020-21.

· Two new Agricultural colleges at Gurdaspur and Balachaur (SBS Nagar) with the initial allocation of Rs. 14 crore during the year 2020-21

· Free Power to Farmers: An allocation of Rs. 8,275 crore in 2020-21.

· Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojna (RKVY): to ensure more inclusive and integrated development of agriculture and allied services, an outlay Rs. 200 crore has been provided for this scheme during 2020-21.

· Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchyai Yojana (PMKSY):Schemes cutting across various related departments i.e. Agriculture, Water Resources, Rural Development have been converged under the umbrella of PMKSY. An amount of Rs. 141 crore has been allocated for PMKSY in 2020-21.

· Panni Bachao Paisa Kamao: with an objective of motivating the farmers to cultivate diversified crops, improve the efficiency in water usage and to bring transparency in subsidy disbursal. Demo farms for exposure and motivation of other farmers to voluntarily adopt the scheme are also being set up. An allocation of Rs. 40 crore has been provided for this purpose during 2020-21.

· Installation of Micro Irrigation system, underground Pipelines: an allocation of Rs. 100 crore for these schemes during 2020-21.

· 12,000 solar pumps will be installed in the next 3 years.

· A pilot project for solarization of 11 KV Nathu Chahal agriculture feeder under sub-division Kala Sanghia, Kapurthala will be taken up in 2020-21.

· Crop Diversification: an incentive scheme for encouraging the farmers to grow alternative crops especially Maize. An allocation of Rs. 200 croreto encourage crop diversification.

· Agricultural Marketing Innovation Research and Intelligence Centre (AMIRIC) at Mohali (SAS Nagar) under PAU, Ludhiana shall be set up. An allocation of Rs. 10 crore for providing a one-time corpus grant for this Centre is proposed for this purpose during 2020-21.

· Four new horticulture estates i.e. Pear Estate in Verka (Amritsar), Litchi Estate in Sujanpur (Pathankot), Guava Estate in Wajidpur (Patiala) and Horticulture Estate in Kotkapura (Faridkot).

· Higher incentives to the food processing industry (other than paddy and beverages).


· A Veterinary College and Regional Research Centre, as a constituent college of GADVASU, Ludhiana will be set up at the cost of Rs. 62 crore at village Sappanvali, district Fazilka. An initial allocation of Rs. 10 crore has been proposed for this purpose during 2020-21.

· Will raise the dairy production by 7% during 2020-21.

· Stray cattle Management: An allocation of Rs. 25 crore this year for state-wide strengthening of the cattle pound’s infrastructure with an objective of managing and containing these stray cattle.

· Re-circulatory Aquaculture system to be expanded to 8 units during 2020-21.

· New area of 200 hectares and 3000 hectares to be brought under shrimp and fish culture respectively.


· Modernization of Gurdaspur and Batala sugar-mills for which an allocation ofRs. 50 crore has been made.

· An allocation of Rs. 100 crore is also proposed for the year 2020-21 to provide support to sugarcane farmers of the State


· 25 more Drug de Addiction OOAT clinics will be made operational soon.


· Construction of new stadiums and upgradation/strengthening of the existing Sports Infrastructure.An allocation of Rs. 35 crore during 2020-21.

· A provision of Rs. 100 crore is earmarked for distributing Smart Phones to young people under the Scheme “Free Smart Mobile Phones to the Youth”.


· An outlay of Rs. 324 crore for this year. This is about 20 times increase over the Budget Estimates of Rs. 17.52 crore in 2016-17, the last year of the previous Government.

· In the year 2020-21, we aim to organize over 800 placement camps and help 1,50,000 applicants in gaining employment and provide assistance to 69,600 unemployed applicants through career counselling.

· The Government proposes to establish an Armed Force Preparatory Institute at Hoshiarpur for helping the youth of Punjab join the Armed Forces


· 3 Mega Industrial Parks over 1000 acre each with state-of-art industrial infrastructure to cater to the demands of the industry: with special emphasis on textile industry, green industry and an IntegratedManufacturing Cluster shall be developed during 2020-21.

· An industrial park with special emphasis on pharmaceutical units shall be developed in an area of 125 acres in Wazirabad, District Fatehgarh Sahib

· Upgradation of the Infrastructure of Industrial Focal Points at Pathankot, Amritsar (New), Goindwal Sahib and Chanalon, Hoshiarpur, SBS Nagar, Batala, Kotkapura, Nabha (Old), Moga, Sangrur, Khanna &Derabassi at an estimated cost of Rs.131 crore shall also be undertaken during 2020-21.

· Rs. 2267 crore during 2020-21 allocated for providing industrial power subsidy.


· An allocation of Rs. 447 crore during 2020-21 for this sector

· Important/major projects are proposed to be implemented under Swadesh Darshan Scheme with an allocation of Rs. 100 crore for the financial year 2020-21 and an amount of Rs. 124 crore has been provided under the Asian Development Bank assisted IDIPT Project.

· An allocation of Rs. 25 crore is proposed as grant-in-aid to Patiala Development Authority for creation of a Heritage Street in Patiala during 2020-21.

· To commemorate the 400th Birth Anniversary of Sri Guru Teg Bahadur Ji with year-long celebrations beginning from 12th April 2020, an initial allocation of Rs. 25 crore for this purpose during 2020-21.

· A dedicated “Sri Guru Teg Bahadur Marg” i.e. a high speed 4-laned 54.50 km long road from Sri Anandpur Sahib (Ropar) to Banga (SBS Nagar) shall be built.

· Establishment of Harike Wetland and Eco-Tourism Development Authority, An initial outlay of Rs. 15 crore has been provided for this purpose in 2020-21.


· Total SCSP plan has been increased from Rs.3562 crore in the year 2018-19 to Rs. 5030 crore in the year 2019-20 and further to Rs. 6868 crore in the year 2020-21i.e. an increase of 92% over 2018-19.

· A total allocation of Rs. 901 crore is proposed under various welfare schemes for educational, socio economic and other development programmes for upliftment of our deprived brethren during 2020-21. The State component, under the various schemes, has been increased by 18% over the 2019-20 (RE).

· ASHIRWAD: allocation of Rs. 165 crore for providing financial assistance @ Rs. 21,000 to SC/BC/Christian/Widows/Divorcee & Daughters of Widows of any caste at the time of their marriage.

· Pradhan Mantri Adarsh Gram Yojna: An outlay of Rs. 46 crore has been provided for in 2020-21For upgradation of infrastructural facilities in SC concentrated villages.

· A special State sponsored scheme for upgrading the villages with more than 50% SC population is being launched. An initial allocation of Rs. 10 crore has been provided for this scheme during 2020-21.


· While the allocation for social assistance-pensions during 2016-17 was Rs. 1,100 crore (though the release was, as we all know, always erratic) with the coverage of 19.08 lakh beneficiaries, the allocation for pensions has been Rs. 2165 crore with a coverage of 24 lakh beneficiaries directly into their accounts during 2019-20. An allocation of Rs. 2388 crore with 31% increase over the 2019-20 (BE).

· Integrated Child Development Scheme:An allocation of Rs. 65 crore has been provided for achieving improvement in nutritional status of children from 0-6 years, pregnant women & lactating mothers.

· An initial allocation of Rs. 5 crore is proposed to set up old age homes in every district for the welfare of senior citizens.

· A state-wide scheme is proposed to be launched for socio-economic security of persons with disabilities and requisite financial support for this purpose will be provided during the year.

· Further, to promote gender equality, the State proposes to introduce Gender Responsive Budgeting (GRB) across all departments.

· A new scheme “Kasturba Gandhi Mahila Yojana” with the objective to converge the benefits under all existing women-centric government schemes being run by various departments of the State so as to boost the quality of life and ensure the security and dignity of woman and children in the public domain as well as within the home.

· A new scheme, “Mata TriptaMahila Yojana” is proposed wherein new initiatives/programmes would be taken by the State to cover theaspects which have hitherto remained uncovered or were partially covered under any existing Centrally/State sponsored women/girl child-oriented schemes.


· An outlay of Rs. 127 crore has been earmarked for Defence Services Welfare i.e. an increase of 29% over 2019-20 (BE).

· As a mark of respect and gratitude to our Martyrs and the ex-servicemen, my Government proposes to increase the monthly Financial Assistance paid to thewidows and next of kin of posthumous Gallantry Awardees such as Param Veer Chakra, Ashok Chakra, Mahaveer Chakra, Kirti Chakra, Veer Chakra, Shaurya Chakra and other awardees at par with the assistance being paid to the widows and next of kin of Gallantry Awardees being awarded during their lifetime. I also propose to enhance the monthly financial assistance to the Ex-servicemen of the Pre- Independence era and their widows to Rs. 6,000 per month w.e.f. 01.04.2020.

· An allocation of Rs. 60 crore has been provided under “Guardians of Governance”.


· An assured monthly financial assistance of Rs 3,000 to all the construction workers in their old age as well as a monthly financial assistance of Rs 1,500 to their spouses in line with the “Pradhan Mantri Shram Yogi Man DhanYojna” (PMSYM). The scheme will benefit 3.5 lakh construction workers families.


· Smart Village Campaign: We propose to carry out remaining projectsof approximately Rs. 3,000 crore over a period of next two years and for the year 2020-21, an initial allocation of Rs. 600 crore is proposed to complete the targeted 20,440 works. The remaining funds as required shall be provided in due course.

· A special allocation of Rs. 5 crore for beautification, approach roads and surroundings of village Ballan, district Jalandhar

· MGNREGS: An allocation of Rs. 320 crore for implementation of this scheme with a target of generating 230 lakh man-days during this year.

· NRLM: An outlay of Rs. 32 crore has been proposed for the year 2020-21.

· Shyama Prasad Mukherji Rurban Mission: An outlay of Rs. 90 crore is being proposed for the year 2020-21 for this mission

· Pardhan Mantri Awaas Yojana: An outlay of Rs. 125 crore has been proposed for the year 2020-21 to cover the remaining 10,500 houses during 2020-21.

· Punjab PenduAwaasYojna: aim to provide a grant to owners of ‘Kutcha Houses/Semi Pucca Houses’ for upgrading them into ‘Pucca Houses’. An outlay of Rs. 500 crore has been proposed for the year 2020-21 in this regard.


· For the promotion of School and Higher Education, an allocation of Rs. 12,488 crore which accounts for 8% of total expenditure has been provided for in the year 2020-21. It is 23% higher than the budgetary allocations for this sector in the year 2016-17.

· An allocation of Rs. 100 crore for construction of 4,150 additional classrooms has been proposed during the year 2020-21

· A special allocation of Rs 3 crore for the construction of a new Government Senior Secondary School at Kidwai Nagar, district Ludhiana and Rs 5 crore for the construction of a new block at Government Senior Secondary School in SBS Nagar

· A budgetary provision of Rs. 75 crore is proposed for the year 2020-21 for repair and maintenance works in schools

· Installation of 10 KW Solar plants in 259 Government Senior Secondary Smart Schools in its first phase and in another 621 Senior Secondary schools in the second phase.

· An outlay of Rs. 100 crore this year for smart school and digital education.

· An outlay of Rs. 13 crore has been proposed for the year 2020-21 for safety and hygiene for girls in schools.

· An allocation of Rs. 10 crore in the year 2020- 21 for free transportation facility for the students.

· An allocation of Rs. 25 crore for setting up Water Harvesting System in all the Government Senior Secondary Schools


· Rashtriya Uchchattar Shiksha Abhiyan: an amount of Rs. 174 crore has been approved for rejuvenating higher education in the state of Punjab.

· Rs. 150 crore for boosting research activities in the two State Universities.

· An allocation of Rs. 5 crore is proposed for the year 2020-21 for improvement of infrastructure in Historical Government Colleges of Hoshiarpur, Patiala, Sangrur, Kapurthala, Malerkotla and Amritsar.

· Construction work of five New Degree colleges shall be started during 2020-21, an allocation of Rs. 25 crore has been proposed in this regard.

· To support the efforts of Punjabi University, Patiala by providing an amount of Rs.15 crore for the construction of a new Girls Hostel during the year

· An increased allocation of Grant-in-aid to all the Universities by 6%.

· A new Sri Guru Teg Bahadur State Law University shall be set up in TarnTaran district.


· 19 Government ITIs and one Private ITI will be upgraded under Skill Strengthening, an allocation of Rs. 35 crore under this scheme for budget 2020-21.

· Will start at least one course especially for the disabled persons from the year 2020-21 in the ITIs covering all the districts with an initial outlay of Rs. 60 crore.

· Establish 19 new Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs) with an initial outlay of Rs. 75 crore in 2020-21.

· An allocation of Rs. 41 crore for upgradation of infrastructure of government polytechnics at Batala, Amritsar, Hoshiarpur, GTB Garh (Moga) and Patiala during 2020-21.


· An allocation of Rs. 3778 croreis proposed for Health and Family Welfare which is 15% higher for in 2020-21 against 2019-20 (RE).

· Sarbat Sehat BimaYojna: amount of Rs. 221 crore in the budget 2020-21 to extend the benefits of this ambitious health insurance scheme to the beneficiaries.

· ICUs to be set up in all the district hospitals of the State at a cost of Rs. 15 croreduring 2020-21.

· A special allocation of Rs. 50 crore during the year 2020-21 for upgradation, repair and maintenance of infrastructure related to health care facilities i.e. Sub Centres, Primary Health Centres (PHCs) and Community Health Centres (CHCs).

· Rashtriya Bal Swasthya Karyakaram: special allocation of Rs. 45 crore under NHM for the RBSK scheme during 2020-21.

· Integrated Ayush Hospitals: One Thalassemia centre to provide Ayurvedic therapy to thalassemia patients to be established at Government Ayurvedic Hospital, Model Gram at Ludhiana.


· An allocation of Rs. 897 crore i.e. an increase of 49% over 2019-20 (RE) is proposed during 2020-21.

· An initial allocation of Rs. 10 crore each is proposed for establishment of new Medical Colleges at Kapurthala and Hoshiarpur respectively.

· Rs. 224 crore is proposed for undertaking upgradation of the existing Medical Colleges at Patiala, Amritsar and Faridkot in the year 2020-21.

· An allocation of Rs. 72 crore has been provided forestablishment of a Tertiary Cancer Care Centre in Fazilka and a State Cancer Institute in Amritsar and Hoshiarpur.


· Rs. 103 crore is being proposed for Swachh Bharat Mission in 2020-21 and with the support of ULBs, we aim to make all cities of the State garbage free this year.

· AMRUT: A budgetary provision of Rs. 700 crore for this purpose this year.

· Smart Cities: Under this mission, total works amounting to Rs. 532 crore are in progress. Further, works amounting to Rs. 1248 crore have been tendered and a budgetary provision of Rs. 810 crore is allocated in this regard for 2020-21.

· An allocation of Rs. 104 crore and Rs. 76 crore for the Million-plus population cities of Ludhiana and Amritsar respectively with special emphasis on meeting the challenges of bad ambient, air quality, ground water depletion and sanitation.

· A suitable allocation shall also be provided to the Cantonment Boards of Amritsar, Ferozepur and Jalandhar as has been recommended by the 15th Finance Commission for the year 2020-21.

· Rejuvenation of Buddha Nallah, Ludhiana with project cost of Rs. 650 crore. An outlay of Rs. 60 crore for BadiNadi and ChottiNadi, Patiala in 2020-21.

· Punjab Urban Environment Improvement Programme (PUIEP): has been initiated with an aim to improve the Environment & Infrastructure Development in all 167 ULBs of Punjab, while we intend to spend almost Rs. 1046 crore over the next two years, this year we shall be spending approx. Rs. 500 crore under this program.

· A provision of Rs. 100 crore for 2020-21 has been provided for setting up of STPs in small urban towns under this fund.

· Pradhan Mantri AwasYojna (Urban): A provision of Rs. 249 crore has been proposed for this programme in 2020-21.


· 5000 EWS Houses to Urban Poor in Phase-1 during the year 2020-21.

· The various development authorities of the State, viz., GMADA, GLADA, BDA, PDA, ADA, JDA will undertake urban infrastructure development works amounting to aprrox. Rs. 877 crore during 2020-21 for planned development of our expanding urban cities.


· A total allocation of Rs. 1,705 crore is being proposed during 2020-21 for providing subsidised power for Domestic SC, BC, Non-SC BPL, and Freedom Fighters consumers.

· 400 KV works at Ropar, Dhanansu, Rajpura, Balachak and Nakodar with an objective to meet the high paddy demand of 14800 MW in 2022.

· 13 New Substations with 222.5 MVA capacity and 46 new 66 KV lines are planned to be added with length of 368.90 circuit KM.

· Further, augmentation of 35 substations, which will add 325.5 MVA to the system and augmentation of 34 no. 66 KV lines of 502.16 circuit KM are also planned.

· Strengthen the distribution network of 47 towns having population 30,000 & above under Accelerated Power Development Reforms Programme (APDRP) schemes as also the strengthening of distribution system in rural areas/suburban areas at a cost of Rs. 252.06 crores.


· A “Centre of Excellence” through a Technical Hub for Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) set up for electrical and mechanical aggregates of civil and military aircraft, engine– aircraft/engine components & avionic components at Patiala Aviation Complex (PAC) will be developed.


· An allocation of Rs. 380 crore for upgradation, construction & repair of Roads & Bridges in the year 2020-21 benefiting 405 km of road length in the State. Work for upgradation of Parkash Purb Marg from Beas to Baba Bakala, Batala and Dera Baba Nanak will be started in 2020-21.

· Also, Rs. 55 crore has been kept for construction of ROBs/RUBs at Bathinda, Pathankot and Ahmedgarh.

· Further, Rs. 100 crore has been kept for upgradation of 71 rural roads and 4 bridges with the assistance of NABARD.

· The major roads to be upgraded during the year 2020-21 are Faridkot-Ferozepur road; Gurdaspur-Kahnuwan-Sri HargobindPur road; Phillaur-Rahon Road; Chandigarh-Landran-Chunni-Sirhind-Patiala Road, Amritsar- Fatehgarh Churian- Dera Baba Nanak road etc.

· Constructing an Elevated Track at Pathankot that will eliminate 9 railway crossings and thereby will help in decongesting the city.

· Also, Construction of bridge from village Noor Mahal- Dhagara, Jalandhar to village Bhundri, Ludhiana and a bye-pass at Jandiala Guru, Amritsar.

· The widening of the Morinda- Chamkaur Sahib Bela paniyali road alongwith construction of bridge at Bela over River Satluj will also be undertaken during 2020-21.

· Construction and upgradation of the erstwhile Emperor Bridge at Hussainiwala, Ferozepur this year.

· A bye pass with an offtake from Sirhind to BassiPathana, Fatehgarh Sahib is proposed to be constructed in 2020-21.

· An allocation of Rs. 250 crore has been proposed under Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana (PMGSY)-III to upgrade works at 750 Km. of Road length.

· Under Central Road Fund Scheme, a provision of Rs. 350 crore has been kept for different works benefiting 300 km of Roads.

· The State shall also convert the phirnis in pucca roads for which a special project of Rs. 200 crore will be undertaken during 2020-21.

· Rs. 3,227 crore for the repair of 28,765 km of Link roads out of which 20,934 km of link roads stands repaired whereas the repair work on the remaining 7,831 km will be completed by 30.6.2020. Further, 960 culverts on these roads have also been repaired at a cost of Rs. 215 crore and another 6,162 km will be repaired at a cost of Rs. 834 Crore during 2020-21.

· Linking Patti with Makhu& Ferozepur has been a long pending demand of the people of this area. For the purpose of land acquisition for Patti Makhu Rail Link, an allocation of Rs. 50 crore is proposed this year.

· Rs. 35 crore has been allocated for land acquisition and construction of ROBs /RUBs for the Dedicated Freight Corridor Rail Line from Rajpura to Ludhiana.

· An allocation of Rs. 60 crore for repair and maintenance of government residences and buildings in the year 2020-21, which includes a special allocation of Rs. 23 crore for repair of houses occupied by Group C & D employees.


· All Government and private buses would be fixed with Vehicles Tracking System/Passenger Information System (VTS/PIS).


· To ensure integrated and all-around development of Border and Kandi areas, Rs. 100 crore for Border Area Development and Rs. 100 crore for Kandi Area Development is proposed for the year 2020-21.

· BADP: To facilitate the border villages with essential infrastructure in key sectors like Health, Education, Infrastructure and Social Security etc, abudgetary provision of Rs. 100 crore is proposed in 2020-21.


· An allocation of Rs. 2,029 crore has been provided under Water Supply and Sanitation during 2020-21 an increase of 128% over 2019-20 (RE).

· For augmentation of existing water supply schemes, the Government during 2020-21 intends to cover 600 habitations (Slipped Back 350 + Quality affected 250) with an estimated expenditure of Rs. 886 crore.

· Under National Water Quality Sub mission programme, 777 Arsenic and Fluoride affected habitations will be covered for providing long term sustainable measures.

· To provide sufficient quantity and good quality water, surface water supply projects would be undertaken in the rural villages of the district of Sangrur.

· Repair and maintenance of all water supply schemes including the schemes in the Kandi area shall be undertaken in 2020-21. An allocation of Rs. 30 crore is proposed for this purpose in 2020-21.

· Further, a special allocation of Rs. 8 crore is proposed for undertaking maintenance of water supply in the Faridkot city.

· Four multi -district water testing labs are proposed to be set up at Hoshiarpur, Moga, Sangrur and SAS Nagar.


· The relining of 30 km Rajasthan feeder and 10 km Sirhind feeder at a cost of Rs. 300 crore and Rs. 50 crore shall be taken up during 2020-21.

· Rs. 100 crore has been provisioned for cleaning of drains, flood protection works and water logging works during 2020-21.

· The State would undertake the expansion works of installing deep tube-wells in the Kandi Areas at a cost of Rs. 175 crore. Under this project, 443 deep tube wells shall be installed covering an area of 46,448 acre lands in 18 blocks of Anandpur Sahib, Balalchaour, Bhunga, Dasuya, Dharkalan, Garshankar, Hoshiarpur and others. The project will provide assured irrigation to 8,860 households. An initial allocation of Rs. 79 crore in 2020-21 is provided for this purpose.

· Rehabilitation, reconstruction and modernisation of minors for 6 Canal Projects at Khem Karan, Lahore branch (Gurdaspur and Amritsar), Sukhchain and Ramsara Minor (Fazilka) and construction of Rana Link Channel of Nizamwaha distributary (Fazilka) and construction of Chuck Sohelewala (Fazilka) would also be undertaken during 2020-21.


· An amount of Rs. 180 crore has also been allocated for PUNCAMPA funds for raising 57 lac plants during 2020-21.

· Rs. 6 crore has been proposed for management and development of wildlife in the State.

· Plantation on 8,000 hectare area under Green Punjab Mission & PUNCAMPA and plantation of another 50 lac plants by farmers under “Sub Mission on Agro-Forestry” would be undertaken during 2020-21.

· To promote Chhatbir Zoo, Zirakpur as a key tourist destination, a special allocation of Rs. 10 crore is provided for undertaking infrastructural development activities during 2020-21.


· During 2020-21, 300 MW capacity of various renewable energy projects would be undertaken.

· A special scheme to install solar streetlights with an objective to enhance safety and security of our villages will be undertaken, an allocation of Rs. 10 croreis proposed for this purpose.


· Two Chemical Examiner Laboratory (CEL) at Jalandhar and Barnala would be set up in 2020-21.

· An amount of Rs. 132 crore has been provided under different schemes for strengthening the law and order machinery during 2020-21.

· To improve the health services in prisons, the Government shall construct a new Hospital at Central Jail Hoshiarpur.

· Drug De-addiction Centres would be set up in 5 Jails of the State.

· For the enhancement of Prison Security and Surveillance Systems,an initial outlay of Rs. 25 crore has been provided during 2020-21.


· E-GOVERNANCE PROJECT: An outlay of Rs. 68 crorehas been provided for undertaking the various e-Gov projects during 2020-21.


· Notified a new Assessment Policy under the Punjab Value Added Tax Act, 2005 for deciding the pending VAT assessment cases related to the financial years 2013-14 to 2016-17. Under this policy, small business entities will get rid of the assessments and only 8,000 large business entities will be assessed under the VAT Act in a year. As a result, number of cases pertaining to the assessment years 2013-14 to 2016-17 will reduce from 1,24,000 cases to approx. 30,000 cases.

1. CLU Waiver

With an objective of decongesting the cities and reviving the real estate and commercial sector and its cascading impact on generating employment and demand, the government has decided to waive the Change of Land use (CLU) charges outside the Municipal Limits. This waiver shall be for a period of two years i.e. till 31.03.2022.

2. Free School Education

Currently the government provides free education to all students up to 8th Class and to girls students up to 10+2 class. As part of our endeavor to educate all our children, the Government of Capt. Amarinder Singh Ji has decided to grant free education in government schools to all students up to 10+2 class.

3. Reduction of Mandi Fee and Rural Development Fee (RDF) on Fruits and Vegetables:

My Government, in its efforts to promote Crop Diversification and enhance Farmers Income, has decided to reduce of Mandi Fee and Rural Development Fee (RDF) presently levied @2% each (total 4%) on the sale price of Fruits and Vegetables to 1/2% each. (Total 1% on the sale price of Fruits and Vegetables w.e.f. 01.04.2020)

4. 6th Punjab Pay Commission

The 6th Punjab Pay Commission was set up vide notification dated 24.02.2016 and is expected to submit its recommendation in near future. Aware of this, I have made a suitable provision in the budget estimates for 2020-21.

5. DA increase by 6%

As the fiscal consolidation of the State is stabilizing, I propose to increase the Dearness Allowance (DA) by 6% to all the employees and pensioners w.e.f. 01.03.2020. the additional outgo on account of enhance DA will approx.. be Rs. 1000 crores

6. Withdrawal of Optional Extension in Service

The previous government adopted an easy approach to tackle the looming financial crunch by notifying a policy for optional extension in government service across all the cadres for 2 years. However the move, no doubt, temporarily postponed the payment of committed laibilties but soon proved to be counter-productive by adversely affecting the employment of the youth as also the promotional avenues of the feeder cadres.

My Government, soon after assuming office, has worked tirelessly to fill the vacancies across departments and now, as a next step, I announce that the optional extension service stands withdrawn across all cadres with effect from 31.03.2020 and all employees who have already been granted the extension be retired by their competent authorities w.e.f. 31.03.2020. A suitable provision to meet the additional pension and pensionary benefits burden on account of this has already been made in the budget estimates.

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Ileana shares first glimpse of boyfriend since pregnancy announcement

Mumbai, June 2, 2023- Actress Ileana D'Cruz, who is all set to welcome her first bundle of joy, has shared a picture with a...

Bombay HC adjourns gangster’s plea to restrain Netflix’s ‘Scoop’

Mumbai, June 2, 2023- The Bombay High Court on Friday adjourned the hearing of a suit filed by jailed mafia don, Rajendra S. Nikhalje...

Kanye West ‘sued for assault, battery, negligence’ after row with paparazzi

Los Angeles, June 2, 2023- Rapper Kanye West is said to have been sued by a photographer for assault, battery and negligence following a...

‘Zara Hatke Zara Bachke’: Unique take on love, marriage & relationships – Movie Review

Director: Laxman Utekar. Cast: Vicky Kaushal, Sara Ali Khan, Inaamulhaq, Sushmita Mukherjee, Neeraj Sood, Rakesh Bedi and Sharib Hashmi. Rating: **** As a director, Laxman Utekar...




Contiki Operating System can be the best stimulator for work on Low Power and Lossy Networks in IOT – by Anil Behal

There are several stages to analyze the Contiki operating system in LLNs, including choosing the correct metrics planning tests, and analysing the outcomes. These...

Rajouri and Kandi attacks: Can the failed Kashmir militancy bounce back with new tactics? – by Abhinav Pandya

New Delhi, May 15, 2023- Amidst disturbing developments, the good news is that the terror groups are finding it difficult to recruit the local...

Being ambivalent about faith-based terrorism is harmful – by DC Pathak

Amidst the continuing danger posed to national security by the Pak-instigated radicalisation and terrorism, many academicians and even some major think tanks are underplaying...


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